Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I want all of this to be over.

I couldn't sleep until 2 AM last night worrying about the high and mighty newspaper editors-in-cheif ripping me to pieces. I can't find chickenhead's brother to get that car crash interview! He wasn't at school on Monday. I looked for him today at lunch, I asked people where to find him, and still no interview. Seriously, though, this question is for anyone who actually knows me: Can you picture me doing something like this? Walking up to a senior I don't know and asking for an interview? A year ago, I couldn't even order pizza on the phone without shaking! At lunch, I was physically shaking in my chair. No lie, I had to hold onto the table. This is after I gave up looking for the guy and decided I should eat because I had to shelve books for a couple hours this afternoon.

I had to get two interviews in class last class, one of them never showed up, and I didn't have time to change everything in my article because I was on the damn phone. On top of that, I was supposed to change basically everything becasue the whole thing was an opinion article. I'm trying so hard at this! I really am!

On top of that, I get all this condescension from this girl who's writing an article about a dance club or something. "Wow, that's a lot of corrections. How are you going to fix that?" and "You don't have full interviews for everybody? Really?" Okay, I don't need that from you right now! Do you want me to cry? I don't know how the hell I'm going to fix it! Leave me alone so I can think!!!

I spent forever fixing it yesterday, but I think it's too late. My friends are just like "F them, do they have any idea how much work you've put into this? Do they know what this is doing to you?" According to Miss High and Mighty, I'm a news writer. I don't exist in the article; therefore, it doesn't matter what it's doing to me.

Here's something I've been thinking about. I'm going through all this to get an interview with someone who's already famous at school. I hear people talk about him all the time. Actually, I asked this girl who knows him to tell me where I can find him at lunch, and she started saying how much she hates him and that I'm wasting my time. Why does he need his name published? Basically, his story is supposed to give my article credibility. I did not join newspaper to name-drop. It's not US Weekly devoid of opinions.

I now realized that our paper isn't boring because of the writers, it's boring because we spend so much time searching for quotes and making sure we don't editorialize that we sort of forget that IT'S A SCHOOL NEWSPAPER. NOBODY CARES ABOUT ANY OF THAT! My friend said that today when I zoned out for the 1100th time at lunch thinking about it. I could have gotten a signed interview and direct quotes from her on this, but I'm not an automaton. Sorry.

Apologies for ranting again, but I spent 3 hours laying in bed last night trying not to think about all of this and how it's basically a foresight into my pathetic future.

"Pushing Daisies" season premiere tonight! I thought I should end with something happy.

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  1. Akida tried to judge YOU??!!!
    OMG Juliana, sweetie you are SO MUCH MORE TALENTED than she is!!! Just to let you know, she didn't bother giving me her article until LAST NIGHT and that's why I didn't get a chance to blotch up her paper.
    Actually, I did and then she didn't bother to change any of it which pissed me off, because I had to waste my time doing it AGAIN. You should have asked to see hers, I'm pretty sure that I asked the questions, "wtf is this shit?" a few myself and my friends, but still it was said..
    Some of her stuff didn't even make sense!
    I'm done ranting about Akida now.. but wow that felt good!!

    Tell Gabby to shove it. No one likes her, we all just sort of tolerate her. I know how much work you're putting into this stupid article and I've definitely been there, done that. I used to be extremely shy too. One day my shell broke, but it took a long time. Don't worry about getting an interview with that kid, I like your article just the way it is.
    So sleep peacefully tonight okay? No more staying up worrying about this!!! I don't want to lose any of my writers (Except for maybe one or two) to stress and anxiety!!