Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I wish I hadn't heard about "The Brady Bunch"

Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady wrote an autobiography about her messed up life of crack and depression. I actually feel bad for her. Imagine dealing with all this terrible family stuff at home, then have to go in and pretend to live in a perfect world with a perfect I'm so glad my parents never put me into acting.

I heard this on the radio this morning. They played audio clips of her saying that she traded sex for crack, two abortions, drug parties at the Playboy Mansion, and something about Steve, it was early. I couldn't resist looking it up though, so yeah, here's an interview with her about the book. Says most of that.

But wait...almost lost her virginity to the guy who played her brother...


I would have been better off not hearing the details on that one, thanks. Evidently, they were on-again-off-again boyfriend/girlfriend while the show was still on. Geez, dating a coworker is problematic when you have to sit next to him in a meeting room, not convince millions of people you're brother and sister. 5:50 in the video.

But yeah, apparently the Brady dad was gay and Eve Plumb (Jan) and Maureen don't talk anymore because Maureen started a rumor about that her and Eve kissed. She says she just meant it to be funny, but serves her right that Eve won't talk to her. I wouldn't either.

Almost lost her virginity to Barry Williams...gah. She had a crush on the guy who played her father, too (8:00). So messed up. Watch the video if you don't mind shattered illusions.

I do feel a little bad for her though. She said she liked the crying scenes in the show the most. Aww. That had to have sucked so much to have to live up to Marcia Brady. That's why all these Disney girls are so messed up, too.

Love and gratitude for my non-star child life,

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