Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lightening the mood with Gossip Girl.

In the mood to talk about something light and frivolous, and what's more frivolous than "Gossip Girl?"

This made me laugh. I've always wondered if they gained any kind of fame (or infamy) through the Gossip Girl blasts.

I'm really sick of Dan and Serena's break-up drama, I usually don't pay attention when they're whining about "She lies to me!" and "I can't forgive him for Georgina!" Oh, on a side note, the girl who played Georgina did an amazing job. I was actually yelling at the TV when she was on. She played that character so well. I'm going to post a Georgina video. Who was that actress...the girl from Buffy and Ice Princess...Michelle Trachtenberg!

Looking for Georgina video. Embedding is disabled on the one I wanted.

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