Friday, October 30, 2009

Waiting for Godot and Equus

Ever heard of the play Equus? It's twisted. Maybe that's just my opinion, a lot of people in my English class actually like it, but I think it's really strange. Not like 1984 strange, either, but like a 17 year old kid whose religion is getting off on horses kind of strange. I don't mind reading it so much just because it's so weird and different that I want to know where it goes, but I don't like it very much. I like things that make me think but not things that make me think about relating horses with orgasms.

We just got done reading a book that I really liked. It's called Waiting for Godot. Most people in my class didn't like this one. My teacher asked how many of us thought it was a brilliant play and only about four people out of 31 raised their hands, including me. It's about these two seemingly homeless guys in post-WWII Europe who do nothing day aafter day but wait for this guy named Godot who never shows up.

I liked it because it left almost everything open to interpretation. Samuel Beckett who wrote it didn't explicitly state anything about the characters or the setting, and we don't know who Godot is or exactly why they want him. The whole thing is an allegory and the meaning of life is a central theme. I really liked it. I did a big oral presentation on it on Monday. It had to be at least 10 minutes long and is one of the most important projects I will do for English all year.

On a kind of unrelated topic, I'm watching "Monk" right now and this episode isn't good. I love the show, but even the murder in this episode is really weak.

Happy Halloween tomorrow! I can believe it's here already. I don't feel like I celebrated it enough.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why, Juliana?

I can't sleep. I really, really wish I could have gone to sleep hours ago, but I once again am crying over stupid things. I have no real reason to cry. Makes me feel guilty. The more I try to fall asleep, the more I think about it, and the more I think about it, the more I start to go absolutely crazy.

I wish there was someone here who understood me, but if there was someone here, I wouldn't be so sad in the first place.

And it didn't help to write this. I thought it would. Enjoy your unnecessary display of raw emotion because that's pretty much the only point of this.

Love I guess,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zomg the weather

Just note this is the fist and last time I will ever say zomg mainly because I don't know what it means, but I thought adding the Z made it look more like Halloween. You know, like zombie omg. Maybe. Kind of.

I love October, and my gushing about Halloween is becoming like a story that your five-year-old brother tells over and over again and even though you're sick of it, you still acknowledge that it's important to him. The weather here has been a similar experience to sticking your face into the steam over a boiling pot of water. It's October now! This is the beginning of Florida's other season, the one that makes other states jealous while they endure their miserable winters. It finally got cold tonight! I am so happy. Tomorrow we're going to the Halloween store and the pumpkin patch at my old preschool.

Today I went to this water park with my cousins. We had free tickets that expired tomorrow, so we went even though today was the rainy day that precedes a cold front. That place is so gross. The ground is slimy, there's random objects like socks floating in the water, and we saw a little kid standing at the edge of the pool peeing into it.

There are millions of these heavily-tattooed 300-pound people in bikinis and speedos at this place. Not to discriminate against people for their weight or anything, but when your junk's practically falling out of your bathing suit while you're walking, what's going to happen on the slides?

Still, I always have fun with them. In the lazy river that just spins in circles, we attached to each other's tubes and my cousin pulled us around, and random people started connecting to our chain until it was about 10 people long. Haha.

I can't think of any videos to post right now. I'm so tired. I tried to do homework and was too tired so I ended up falling asleep watching "Doctor Who." Good show. Watch it. ^_^


Friday, October 16, 2009

How I really feel

Sometimes when I can't sleep, I think of all the people I know and the one thing I would say to them if I could only say one thing. I kind of wanted to post them without names just to get them out there. So here it goes, it's Hallmark card time.

**I take for granted that you're just a shout across the hall away, but one day I won't see you every day and you don't know how much I'll miss you. You're my best friend and you are going to get in trouble in high school when I text you in the middle of day.

**You make everything seem better than it really is. I hope I grow up to be like you, and I hope my kids have as amazing and patient a mother as I did.

**We don't agree on everything, but in the end, I won't remember how you yelled about chipped nail polish. I will remember how you would color cupcakes with cherries on top in my coloring books, play dollhouse with me, and climb into my little forts even though you didn't fit. Whenever I draw a cupcake, I always put a cherry on top, and when you're no longer around, I'm going to wish you were there to tell me to take off my nail polish.

**I wish I could be as good a friend to you as you are to me, and it makes me feel lucky to know I never can be, no matter how hard I try. I would be a completely different person if I never met you.

**I miss you, and I wish we were still as close as we were before, but maybe we just weren't meant to be best friends forever. You'll still be getting Christmas and birthday cards from me every year for the rest of your life.

**You're wrong. About everything. If you figure it out, hopefully it won't be too late.

**If my boss in the real world is like you, I know not to let him make me as upset as you did.

**I think we're pretty good friends. I don't know why I don't trust you. I have no reason not to, and it makes me feel like a bad person.

**I haven't known you for long, but you've made me think about things that changed who I am in some small way. You made me understand the three people above.

**I used to call you my big sister. I regret not staying as close to you just because I'm too shy to call.

**You're the only one who understood why I hid and cried at that party in 8th grade, and you stayed with me so I wouldn't be alone. I will always remember that.

These are definitely not all of them. These are the people that I see all the time or have been on my mind. I'm sure if you're one of these people, you'll know which one is you.

I kind of wish some of these people would read it just to know how I feel.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Who cares if there's water on the moon?

I don't care who I make mad with this post, but I need to clear something up.

Aren't we in the middle of the biggest economic recession since the Great Depression? Isn't the United States in some trillions of dollars of debt? Isn't the government cutting back funding on basic things like education and health care? If the answers to those questions are "yes," then WHY THE HELL did we spend $78 million dollars of taxpayer money to bomb the moon??

The plan is to find out if there is water on the moon that we can use when we run out and research the area to possibly establish a lunar base. Because apparently they can make cutbacks on education and government jobs but not on sending our obnoxious hunks of metal into outer space to go poke around on the moon. I think with all the more important budgeting that needs to be done, space exploration can wait.

Please. This is ridiculous. Oh, and our president has enough money to take his insanely expensive plane and security to NYC to take his wife on a date, to go to the Jay Leno show, to Switzerland to talk about the Olympics on taxpayer money and everyone still thinks he's a hero. Don't even get me started on the Nobel Peace Prize.

People ask me why I live in the past. I wasn't alive then, so I can imagine that it was better than the world is now. For all the whining the government's doing about the state of the economy, they seem to have a lot of money to spend on things that aren't important.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Golden Girls

Can't concentrate on superfun DNA replication until I post this because the song is stuck in my head now that I started thinking of 80's sitcom theme songs. My grandma loves this show. It's actually really cute.

Back to Okazaki fragments.

I feel like talking.

Last SAT class was today. I'm taking the test on Saturday. I'll miss the class. It was fun. The one thing I'll miss most it though has nothing to do with SATs
>.> Interpret that how you want. I don't post everything on the Internet.

I edited a paragraph out here because once I said it somewhere I felt a little better and didn't think I had to keep it up. So, ya know, cool if you read it, and I'm sure you don't care if you didn't.

Today was one of those good days where I never stop smiling and laughing just because I'm in a good mood. I blame lacrosse. Endorphins do that to you. But you know what always puts me in a better mood when I'm not happy? 80's sitcom theme songs. They're so cute. I was watching "The Facts of Life" before school this morning. It's corny, but their lives are so happy and simple that it makes me feel better.

By the way, that was stuck in my head all day and I started humming it in Biology. You're welcome. =D