Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Secrets!

I have so many actual topics to talk about that I couldn't choose one and am way too tired to write them out right now. I heard the song "That's What Girls Do" by No Secrets recently and though, quick, easy, happy topic.

"That's What Girls Do" was the number one song in third grade. My friends and I came up with a talent show dance to it that ended up falling apart. Another group ended up doing the song, but I thought our dance was better.

Every girl in my grade knew that song, it was to third grade what "Barbie Girl" was to second grade. I have it on my iPod and whenever I hear it, it reminds me of Girl Scout trips. We would listen to that so many times.

They have no real music video of it, so here's a link to one with Michelle from Full House. (I have to learn how to post songs without using You Tube.)

Here's another song that every girl knew, No Secrets' "Kids of America." It's not the original recording, the song is really old and has been remade by a million different people. It was in Jimmy Neutron and I think it was remade by the Jonas Brothers once. The No Secrets version just happens to be the one we knew.

The version by the Muffs was the opening song to Clueless which I watched with my sister last night. She got mad at me for getting up, pretending to hold a microphone, and singing along. Oh, and if you're a girl who has never seen Clueless, watch it. It's hilarious. The trailer I linked has some of the funniest lines in it, too.

Makes me want to watch Lizzie McGuire buy some glittery nail polish from Limited Too.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just me talking about my day

I've said this a million times before, but it's so much fun to hang out with my sister's friends.

I wasn't going to do anything today. I was supposed to go out with my friends, but that didn't work out and I wanted to get out of the house, so I was going to go with my mom to just drop off my sister at the mall and go to Publix. Her friends asked me to come shopping with them (they call me their OSBFFL--older sister best friend for life) and it did help them out having me go because their moms didn't make them check in as often.

So yeah, I wasn't sure I would be able to walk around the mall all day and not collapse, but I held up well. I got tired and dizzy but it was definitely not as bad as I was at school yesterday. Then again, there's a big difference between running on 11 hours of sleep and running on 7. Yeah, I slept 11 hours last night. Haha. I went to bed earlier than I do on school days.

They went into Hollister, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, and a bunch of other stores I haven't been in probably forever. They went in Betsey Johnson to look at stuff. I think that store looks like the wardrobe room for a Cyndi Lauper music video. I would love to wear stuff like that for Halloween or something, the clothes are so insane they're kind of cool, but I would never wear them in real life. Even if they weren't so expensive that I'm afraid to move in the store.

I'm actually eating the candy corn I got at the Sweet Factory as I write this. I got pink and blue/purple plaid tights at Claire's for like $8.50 total.

I was going to write more about something that isn't related to me, but I got distracted in the middle and it's almost 1 AM now, so this is all you're gonna get.

And my candy corn is gone.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I survived the day ^_^

I'm still sick, but I went to school today because it was that or stay home alone, do homework, and wonder what I'm missing at school. And I knew that if I stayed home, I would fall asleep doing homework like I did yesterday, so it would be an overall useless day. My parents didn't want me to go and tried to talk me out of it all morning. I was mad at myself for not going to school yesterday and missing so much, so I pretty much determined this morning.

Sitting in classes is not so bad, it's like a normal day when I have a headache. It's getting up, walking, general moving that's killer. My backpack was so heavy, I was having a hard time lifting it. I was so weak today. Walking up stairs was difficult. I was afraid I was walking too slow and someone was going to knock me over. Walking anywhere makes my heart pound and I feel out of breath.

My Spanish teacher apparently has a hand bell in her room. I never noticed she had it before, but today the noise really hurt my head. And lunch...loud kids talking, laughing, shouting at what felt to me like an obnoxious volume. I guess it's like that every day but today was the only day that it bothered me.

I'm cozy under my Powerpuff Girls blanket right now so it's all good.

Being sick, I realized I have a lot of websites that I used to go to every day before I got so busy. Here's a list of my favorites.

X-Entertainment: The name always hit me as a porn site, but it's actually this really funny guy who writes about random things from obscure monster movies to new kinds of Doritos. He's the guy that I love so much for writing about Halloween every year.

Children of the 90's: I was born in '92 and was only seven at the turn of the millenium, so I'm not a true 90's kid. I did spend a lot of time in my early childhood with my cousins who are 6-12 years older than me, so I do remember a lot of this 90's stuff first-hand. Regardless, I like past-decade culture. It's one of my weird quirks. Things like this fascinate me and make me happy.

Cake Wrecks: Really horrible and hilarious cakes. It's great.

People Who Deserve it: When you're feeling really cynical or just annoyed with the people you have to deal with everyday, this is a blog where every entry is a new featured annoying person. The tagline is "socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face." The writing gets so crude it's a little annoying, but the people who deserve it are funny.

1000 Awesome Things: Where you go for a ray of sunshine. Besides here to listen to me. Just kidding. =]


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Before I start rambling...the Blogger icon on the sign-in page is a piece of cake today, and it's making me want cake more than I already do.

Okay, so it's 11:51 AM right now, and I'm home because I'm sick. Fabulous, isn't it? And it's not that crippling kind of sick where I have a million symptoms and it would be stupid to go to school and sneeze all over everyone and spread it. No, my only symptoms are a headache that feels like I have a bike pump injected into my head and it starts inflating every time I move, and I am so tired that standing up for more than a few minutes makes me dizzy and I can feel my heart racing like supporting my weight is aerobic exercise...and my whole body just hurts.

That doesn't feel like enough of a reason for me to miss school for two days, so I feel so guilty. I have enough trouble staying awake on a normal day when I don't have a pounding headache and burning eyes, so I guess it was necessary. And not that I mind missing school. Haha, I felt victorious about missing yesterday. Today I had a test, an article to work on, and a heavy-note class where I have no friends to let me borrow notes. I'll pay for missing today.

Besides all that, the worst part of missing school is having time to wonder if anyone missed me.

Anyway, I haven't written on here in a while, and I have a lot to talk about.

1) R.I.P. Patrick Swayze. He's had pancreatic cancer for a while, and my sister's been sad for him. Whenever anyone mentions cancer, she asks if Patrick Swayze is still hanging in there. She asked just the other day, actually, and I told her he was. He died yesterday. Swayze was amazing. If you haven't seen Ghost or if I haven't already told you to see Ghost, see it. It's good.

2) I was at Barnes and Noble with my friend this weekend, and we were scanning the teen section looking at books that looked good and making fun of the ones that just looked stupid. It seemed like every other book we looked at was about vampires. There were so many Twilight-knock-off vampire books out, and I was like...who's reading these? We had a lot of time and decided to count them.

44. There were 44 vampire books and series over the front and back of one 15 foot long, 6 foot high bookcase. Yeah. 44. Most of these were series, so the actual number of books was probably twice that. It brings up three important questions: Who is writing these books, who is publishing them, and who is reading them? I really hate my generation. When I think about my generation, I think of scene kids, and I know I'm going to be embarrased to tell my chlidren I was a teenager at the same time as them:

Really? REALLY? What are they glaring at? They're staring in different directions, and it's not at the camera, so what? Did someone steal the middle girl with the two-toned gray hair's tiara and they're trying to use their laser vision to burn him? I wish I could puff my face out to look that angsty.

I got the picture from this article, which I think made my soul die. Oh my god, these kids are my sister's age. Turns out they like death glaring passers-by and recording their reactions. Really? I know the article's from Australia, but it's an American thing, too.

If you can't tell, I don't like the "teen subculture" thing. My sister and her friends label people goth and emo and it bothers me. These kids say they want to be they do it by dressing to the rules of a pre-made template. That's so fake. If you want to be an individual, act like one.

"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other." -Eric Hoffer

3) "Gossip Girl" came back last night! It was a good episode. Now I'm back to having something to look forward to on Mondays. GG episodes always end on cliffhangers. I want to see what that Scott kid does next. I already know.

4) I'm tired and I have homework to do, so I'm stopping here. But in memory of Patrick Swayze, here's the video of "She's Like the Wind" from Dirty Dancing.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

My favorite holiday!

It doesn't take much to make me happy. It also doesn't take much to upset me, but the fact that little things make me so happy is a huge part of who I am. One of the little things that makes me so happy is Halloween. If you read this last year, I talked a lot about Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. Pumpkin patches, cool weather, the smell of cinnamon, an excuse to hang out with friends on a school night outside in the dark, decorate the house with creepy decorations, dress up in costumes, and eat candy...what else could a kid want?

I don't trick-or-treat anymore. The last three years I quasi-trick-or-treated, following my cousins to a few houses while I hit up residents for donations to UNICEF. Last year on what was essentially the eve of my 16th birthday, my friends went trick-or-treating with me one last time. I really don't care about the candy. I never have. My sister always gives me a couple pieces, and that's all I want. I just like the actual activity. I love seeing how people decorate their houses, I like seeing the kids in costumes, I like being outside at night...the whole thing, it's just makes me really happy.

One thing I resent deeply when Halloween rolls around is my God-forsaken pretentious neighborhood where no kids trick-or-treat. I would LOVE to have people over for Halloween, decorate the house, and answer the door for trick-or-treaters. That would be so much fun for me who misses the hard core trick-or-treating days. I would have given up trick-or-treating years ago if I could still participate in the holiday by handing out candy.

We go to my old neighborhood to trick-or-treat, where I lived when I was little. I loved it there, and I have nothing but good memories of it. I guess it's a good thing that we moved because I will always remember it as I saw it when I was six. People decorate their houses for Halloween there. Lots of kids trick-or-treat there. I've always wished I still lived there, but I'm glad I don't because nothing's ever as good in reality as the fantasy you create in your mind.

When I grow up and have my own family, we're going to go all-out for Halloween. The house will be decorated, we will for sure live in a kid-friendly neighborhood, we will have the best candy, and I can't wait to take my kid out trick-or-treating for the first time.

Anyway, there's no way for me to be a part of Halloween anymore, but I always find ways. I was reminded of it when my friend and I were walking around outside last night and I felt a little cold. Then today, X-Entertainment Blog wrote about Halloween cookies (I love Halloween merchandising, too).

Too early for me to ramble about Halloween, September just started, but still. Even thought it means a school year's just beginning, October through December are my favorite months. Fall's awesome.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Babysitters Club!

I used to watch this all the time when I was little! I could hardly remember anything about the show (I remember the books better) but this theme song is like permanently branded into my memory, and it was randomly stuck in my head the other day so I looked it up. I <3 the 90s.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin

Newspaper got me through the day. Really. Arguing with my editor-in-chief gives me something to keep the monotony of school from gnawing away at my sanity. It's bad enough that I constantly miss my friends this year, that I cry over Spanish every day, and that I'm beginning to think the curriculum for the program I'm in is a complete joke, but long days with boring classes just drains any ounce of energy I have left. Newspaper is never boring with this kid in charge of the paper.

I talked about him when I talked about newspaper camp. He decided it's completely his decision which articles go in the paper and on what pages, even if the editors (or writers for that matter) in those sections don't think an entire page needs to be dedicated to Michael Jackson or that swine flu is very "been there, done that," especially since we covered it last year. I'm the news editor this year, if I forgot to mention that, and he gave me a really weird arrangement of articles for the news section. The co-editor-in-chief and I changed it around a little, switched articles, and added some things we thought were more prevalent.

Didn't go over too well with him. My teacher said it's up to the section editors to decide what goes in their section, but he says it's up to him. He doesn't even listen to my opinions. I was holding my own to him, but I started crumbling on the inside and it must have been on my face because my teacher asked me if he was scaring me. I impulsively said yes. Apparently I have very readable expressions. Everyone always says they know exactly what I'm thinking by the look on my face.

Anyway, I would have left school feeling depressed like I usually do this year if it wasn't for him. Arguing with him is kind of fun.