Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love October.

You know, I think I've been avoiding posting on here for two days because I hate my new background so much. Changing it to something that looks better.

I had something on here like two days ago, but there's a reason why my posts are particularly devoid of pictures. It takes so long, and if you screw up the html code somehow, you have spend all that time again fixing it unless you actually know waht you're doing, and I really don't.

I've really busy since Tuesday anyway. Mom's friend's were down, so we did stuff around here and went to NASA on Saturday. Long ride. My friend was over, and we got pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and carved them. <3 Halloween stuff <3

Alright, my sister just came in here, tried to snap my arms in half, smacked me in the head, and ripped off the corner of my fingernail. I was trying to tell her that "Gossip Girl" airs Monday, not Sunday, and she hates to be wrong. I should know not to mess with Anny. She's so much stronger than me. At the beach Thursday, she got mad at me, so she swung me around by the arm three times, let go, and I flew 4 feet and landed almost face first in the sand. Unwillingly...I couldn't get away. She was trying twist my arm at NASA, and my friend said, "Wow, she realy abuses you!" I know! And she's 11! Nobody in my house worries about her self-defense.

Here's my favorite pumpkin patch picture. I think the little bench under the tree is adorable.

It's homecoming week at school. Not sure how I feel about all this school spirit merrriment, but at least it gets me out of classes.

Oh, Anny just decided to tear the stretchy plastic covering off a stress ball and chuck it at me. I don't think she's using it right. It's not going to do her any good on my floor. Weird that she can be so vicious, and once she gets the anger out, she's back to being all sweet and happy like nothing happened. Still makes me mad. And now I'm keeping her stress ball. ^^

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  1. omg I can totally relate to the abuse thing!!
    My brother who's 12 is so much stronger than me and when he gets mad he takes EVERYTHING out on me. It hurtssss!
    I can't hit him back because than he tries to rip out my hair and stuff and I just end up getting more hurt. It sucks.
    I want to go to a pumpkin patch!