Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And this is why I hate group work.

I was assigned to a group in Spanish class to write a dialogue (actually, a trialogue since there was three of us) where we express a problem with school and a problem with school stereotypes. Then we give each other advice, then ask a guidance counselor for advice. We had 30 minutes to write it. In those 30 minutes, I think I made an enemy.

This one girl in my group...seriously, I have no idea how she gets through life talking to people the way she does. She colored with her highlighters for a few minutes and didn't even look up when I talked to her. She completely ignored me. I started writing the thing myself until she finally looked up. She grunted at me, criticized everything I wrote, rolling her eyes which is practically her signature.

When we got to the stereotype problem, suddenly the defense came out. In summary:

Me: "So what should be our stereotype?"
Other girl: "We should use 'me choca la actitud de...hacia...'"(Meaning I can't stand the attitude of these people toward these people)
Eye-roll girl: "How about 'I can't stand the attitude of the band because they're stuck up and they have no reason to be'" (At "no reason to be," she rolled her eyes. I pretended not to have heard that.)
Me, turning to the other girl: "Do you have any suggestions? How about..."
Eye roll girl: "I can't stand the attitude of the bowling team because they're boring and bowling's not a real sport." She rolled her eyes again and went on about how it shouldn't be counted as an actual sports team because they don't do anything.

I said something general about football players, and she took it as a personal attack. "I love the football players!!" Yeah? You love every singe football player? That's a pretty bold statement since you just insulted the entire band and the entire bowling team. I said, "It doesn't matter whether you love them! This isn't about your or my opinions of football players. This is about finishing the dialogue before class ends!"

I don't think she understands stereotypes...or people. She can't be described in words. don't say "shut up, nobody's talking to you!" to people you don't know. You shouldn't even say it to people you do know.

Because of her attitude toward everything I said, we didn't finish, and I came in today to find out that they reassigned my part, so I had 10 minutes to memorize the my new role as the guidance counselor. Whatever. I think we did fine, and I'm never working with her again.

I counted the number of people I relayed that story to this week: 11. Oops. I shouldn't rant to that many people, but a few asked why I was so upset and it just came out.

Remember that "Friends" episode where Ross and Mike spend time together and have nothing to talk about so they sit in silence forever? That was lunch today. M had a club meeting, so it was me and my one other friend. We never talk just to each other, so we basically did this. After I could tell she got tired of all the questions I was asking her, I ended up babbling incoherently just to break the silence. M showed up halfway through lunch, and I think our sighs of relief were synchronized.

Oh, and Monday night's Gossip Girl was epic. That's one of M's commonly-used words. I'm test driving it.

Very "cruel intentions." This show is addictive.


  1. what a bitch. Tell her to shut the hell up, no one likes her haha. Are you in the band? I know a bunch of people in it.

    Oh and I <3 Friends. Like a lot. I used to be obsessed a few years ago, due to that I have every single season on DVD in the Special collectors box LOL

  2. No, but my "school BFF" M that I'm always talking about used to be in the band and I know from her how hard they work. I actually think they're really good.

    I have every season on DVD too! I love that show.