Sunday, October 5, 2008

When you Give a Kid a Water Glass...

I love weddings. I'm like that 27 Dresses girl. Tonight was fun, I got home at 12:45. It's been 12 hours since I started getting dressed for this. Any big family event things are fun. My family has a lot of them.

Notable wedding party observation: What's is it with little boys and sticking things in water glasses? I have 6 cousins younger than me, all boys, and all can't resist that. I'm pretty sure it's a boy thing. I haven't been around little girls in a while, but I don't remember that being a trend. The youngest, C, was dropping candle wax, flowers, bread, sesame seeds...anything he could find into water. He giggles adorably when he does it, too. I don't get it. It's cute when he does it to his own water, but I have to give him a little "good behavior" reminder when he does it to other people. I don't think it helps. I could tell him to just do it to his water, but I think the whole source of fun is doing it to other people.

Another thing he does with water glasses--he likes to bang silverware on them. When he does it at little family dinners (when I say little, I mean 35 people), everyone knows it's him, but at a huge wedding party where half guests are strangers to us, this noise turns heads. No one thinks C is demanding the "bride and groom kiss" thing, but I don't need a bunch of eyes on me that say, "Julie, take the butter knife away from him." It's not that easy. He'll find something else. We have this joke about Lucas doing that at Easter to see how many people would look at him, then getting on the chair and making a really random toast, so I thought that would be enough for C to understand. This was our conversation:

Me: "C, don't do that. People are going to think you want to make a speech."
C: "What's a speech?" (He's 4. I should have known.)
Me: "They'll make you go up to the microphone and talk."
C: "Why?"
Me: "They think you're trying to get their attention by clinking your glass."

I stopped there because he wouldn't mind having all the attention on him. In fact, I was afraid I might have given him an idea. He got distracted and moved on. Creativity is a big part of handling C. You have to be able to distract him without him knowing he's being distracted. I love him a lot, but I give his mom so much credit. If I have boys, I'm going to ask her for tips.

Zai Jian!

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