Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

Hello, everyone, today is February 29, 2008. Yes, I said February 29.

I just realized this morning that this year is a leap year, so...


I think some people call it Sadie Hawkins Day or something, but I refuse to acknowledge that kind of backwards thinking. Girls get to ask out guys one day every four years? On top of that, we have dances to celebrate it? Oh, sure, let's celebrate the oppression of women and the men who dominate! Woohoo!

On a more positive note, let's all enjoy the last hour of leap day while it's here since we only get one every four years. This is my fifth leap year but only my fourth leap day. Call me a total loser, but I'm excited! I wrote "LEAP DAY!!" next to the date on all my papers in school today. ^_^

Happy birthday to anyone born on leap day! February 29 is the coolest day to have a birthday.

No interesting news to share, and it's 11:30 at night so I don't feel like video hunting. I'll post some new videos tomorrow when I'm once again able to hold my own head up. I hope everybody had a good leap day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Black Rubik's Cube!!

Today was a good day in Julie land--today was the day I finally got my hands on one of those black and gray Rubik's cubes. I think they're called grayscale, actually. Anyway, this guy in my math class brings it in everyday, but I've never gotten to play with it. Today this guy wanted me to solve it for him so he could tell people he solved it himself. Of course I jumped at the occasion to solve the grayscale cube--a momentous occasion.

My biology teacher moved my friend away from me =[ not for anything she did but because he needed to switch her with this other guy who talks a lot. I have a story about him, but I don't want to say his name, so I'm going to call him John.

Coincidentally, I had a dream last night that my bio teacher moved me to the back of the room. Next to me on one side was a swirling vortex, and on the other side was a dead, bloody chicken head on a silver plate. I asked what the chicken head was about, and my teacher told me it was John. I said "That's not John--that's a chicken head!" Then this girl said "What a mean thing to say to John." I protested, but my teacher just said "If you call John names one more time, I'll push you down the vortex." I think I ended up falling down it anyway. Weird premonition--I think my friend's getting moved back. It's in negotiation. Chickenhead is not going to want to have a permanent seat next to me anyway.

Proof of how terrible you can make something look in only ten minutes on paint! No video ideas right now, but I might think of something and post it later.

Monday, February 25, 2008

M&Ms seem fitting for today

So I changed the color scheme to a cranberry or red wine type theme. I'm already getting tired of it, but then again, nobody likes change! =] I love my new color scheme for my retro blog, though--blue on black.

No major news for today, other than today in Speech class, I had to debate some sophmores who were brutally competitive, and my team didn't win, but I think we held our own! The yelling back and forth during crossfire got so funny that I couldn't speak I was laughing so hard. For the last half hour of class, we watched parts of Across the Universe which I've been wanting to see since October! I ordered it from Blockbuster Online the week it came out on DVD but it hadn't come yet. From what I saw, it looked awesome. Coincidentally, I got Across the Universe in the mail today when I got home from school. Funny how things work.

In honor of my new color scheme, here's an M&Ms commercial that I find particularly enchanting. M&Ms has the best advertising campaigns. I also like the one that's out now with the people who turn into M&Ms. The song is "This is the Day" by The The. I have that on my iPod now. Have fun fending off the chocolate craving!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pay attention in History!!

Today I actually heard someone say out loud "I don't care about world religions." Unfortunately, most of my demographic probably thinks that, too, which is really, really sad.

If you don't want to hear me rant, go ahead and skip to the video at the end. I wouldn't want to hear me rant, either.

Okay, I just got back from Confirmation class at my Church. Yeah, I know, fun stuff. To put this story in perspective, I'm in a class of about 15. Of that 15, 10 of them are from that school that you all know I love (ya know, blue and orange, perfectly straight hair, iPhones, Coach shoes...). Today we were put in groups to discuss world religions. My group got Islam. In this group of six, I was the only one not from that school. Here's how the incredibly productive discussion went:

Our teacher had given us a paper with the basic characteristics of Islam on it (Allah, Mecca, Muhammad). 9th graders should already know all of that, but they didn't know any of it. I mentioned the word "Mosque" and everyone looked at me like I was speaking German (actually, I guess I was speaking Arabic). Our counsellor made them listen to me, but they told me they didn't have enough room left on the paper. That's because they took up the whole paper with a picture of a moon!! One girl started complaining about how she can't text message because she left her phone at home. Another started talking about her modelling job. Of all of those girls, their shorts couldn't have been shorter and they couldn't have acted more vacuous. Then while we were presenting it, this girl says "During Ramadan, Muslims feast from sun up to sun down." Someone corrected her mistaking "feast" with "fast," and she said "whatever, I don't care." Uh huh...I felt smart.

The one thing I hate more than superficial teenagers is indifferent ones.

To leave you with a happy thought for the day after reading my rant, here's the grown-up "Mikey likes it" commercial. If you've never seen the original "Mikey likes it," you won't get this, so go watch that one first on my retro blog. I kind of wanted to post this to bookmark it more than anything. =]

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So what did I do today...

I haven't posted in a month, and I'm sure all my imaginary readers have noticed. =] Let's see...two nights ago, I was up late finishing an Inquiry Skills project that I skillfully procrastinated, and I'm still tired. This morning it hurt to breath deep, but I'm better now, and still refusing to admit I'm sick! I'm not!

I tried Vitamin Water for the first time today, and I don't really like it. I don't see what the big attraction is. It has a weird taste, like watered down liquid jello, maybe with a little metal flavor.

I watched "Wizards of Waverly Place" yesterday and can honestly say i don't like that, either. I was actually disappointed--I expected it to be a decent show. I will say that Selena Gomez is far less annoying than Miley Cyrus, and from what I saw, a better actress.

Oh, here's a video for ya. This is a PSA from the 80s on drunk driving. Chilling.