Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just realized...

Now that the movie's out on DVD, there are clips of Twilight on You Tube. Ooh, good, I have visuals to back up my point that it was hilariously inane. If you didn't read my review from November, I actually really like the book (it's happy fluffy reading, I like that), but I thought the movie was lacking...well, everything. I still watch it with my sister all the time because it's entertaining but not in the way they intended it to be.

I only thought of it because I was listening to the song that my sister and I decided was the Bella and Edward song. In the book, Edward told Bella that since vampires can't sleep, he gets bored at night and watches her sleep. Kay, only slightly strange, but the book didn't play up the creepiness factor quite like the movie did. When I saw him standing in the corner like that, I sort of realized how creepy that really is...

So for that reason, and the fact that Bella talked about him in her sleep and he, seeming to be a total creeper, heard everything, we decided that "Talking in your Sleep" by the Romantics is their song.

It's stupid for me to start my criticizing of this movie with the deleted scenes, but they cut stuff that was better than some of the filler crap they left in. These scenes have actual information that would have made the movie a little more sense and maybe give a millimeter of depth to these undeveloped characters.

1) I'm usually not the one to promote scenes in movies that are unnecessarily sexy and have nothing deeper (like the scene later in the movie in Bella's bed that was so overdone I couldn't stop laughing through it), but this first one that's followed by the line "that was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen" shows you what exactly she's dreaming about him and supports the entire point of the movie.

2) Oh, this dialogue is horrible. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the delivery that's bad. "It was other vampires that killed Whalan" and "Your number was up the first day I met you" are so important to the story. Sigh, this movie was bad.

3) The scene where Bella says "ever wonder what I'd taste like?" I liked that scene, her letting him bite her or whatever that was connected these characters. They seemed so distant throughout the whole movie. Not a fan of the falling backwards thing. My sister had to explain to me that he didn't fall, he intentionally pulled her down. They could have made that look better.

4) This is the kind of filler that the entire movie seemed to be composed of. No point to this scene, especially the babbling about chinchillas. Whose idea was it to play these characters manic-depressive? That's what I sound like when I'm giving a Spanish oral that I memorized without having any idea what I'm saying.


Friday, April 17, 2009

More Susan Boyle!

My government teacher today was talking about the bloody fantastic 47-year-old singer on Britain's Got Talent. I was happy that I had already heard about it before. She wanted us to understand the "don't judge a book by it's cover" message and said some things about it that I couldn't figure out how to word before.

My teacher brought up the point that she knows that she's homely and un-glamorous but she still has this sparkly personality about it all. She goes on knowing they're going to make fun of her and doesn't seem affected when they do. She was completely suprised when she got three yesses. She could be this grumpy, bitter lady with a completely cynical outlook on life, but she doesn't seem to be that way at all. She made her dream come true after 47 years.

She's an inspiration. Like my teacher said, this is for all the girls out there who didn't get asked to the prom. She not only reminds people of inner beauty and judging what you really know nothing about, but she gives hope to everyone who doesn't think things will work out for them. It looked like nothing was going right for her, but at 47 years old, she has press flocking to her little Scotland village to see her and 21,000,000 hits on you tube for her video in one week. And she had a good attitude about it. Total inspiration.

My teacher also showed us Susan singing "Cry Me a River" that she recorded for a charity CD in 1999.

Original video link again:


Thursday, April 16, 2009

How is it that every woman can identify with one of them?

I decided to look this up because I saw the cutest "Sex and the City" episode yesterday, the one where Charlotte gets married to Trey (who I never liked) and Carrie doesn't know if she should tell Aidan that she cheated on him with Big. (I always liked Aidan so much better. He was so sweet. Big was arrogant, even though that's what made him entertaining.)

There were a lot of good lines in that episode. I love when Charlotte is talking about her wedding and says "This is my week" and Miranda responds, "No, this is your day. You get a day, not a week." And when Carrie's deciding whether or not to tell Aidan, and she says "I started to tell him, but I was afraid that if I did, he would never look at me that same way again." And of course, how it ended with the bridesmaids picture and Carrie narrating, "It's hard to find people who will love you unconditionally. I'm lucky enough to have three."

So that brings me to this. I have never seen the movie even though I really want to, but I decided to look at these interviews anyway. This guy (who's giggling like a fangirl) asked each of the four in interviews how it is that every woman in America seems to be able to say "I'm like Carrie!" or "I'm like Samantha!" How can everyone identify themselves with one of these four women? Kim Cattrall gave the best answer.

She said that it's not that everyone can necessarily say they are exactly like one of the four, but that these characters are like four parts of one whole woman. Everyone has a day where they feel all optimistic like Charlotte, days when they're cynical like Miranda, hopeful and pensive like Carrie...and I would say Samantha is more living-in-the-moment fun-seeking. So yeah, everyone feels like each of them at different times.

Cynthia Nixon's response was "That's what an archetype is about, I guess." XD Also says a lot because all well-written characters are designed to make people understand them.

By the way, Kim Cattrall sounds so different in the show. I didn't realize the Samantha voice was intentional. Oh, and "hopefully an evening like Samantha" hahahaha.


I'm so obviously procrastinating. I will ramble about anything when I don't want to do math.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

47-year-old singer get's Simon Cowell's approval

I just found this on my AIM homepage. This 47-year-old, Susan Boyle who lives with her cats, never been married or even kissed who doesn't seem like she can sing, does an amazing job on Britain's Got Talent. She was really great, and the never been kissed thing made this hit home for me. I never watch these shows, but the one thing I know is that Simon's a hardass, and even he showered her with encomiums.

I love that everyone was rolling their eyes at her, but she proved them wrong and, at the end, they were all cheering for her. I love reading happy stories like this. I'm going to make the news shut up about the economy and throw some sunshine in there once in a while.

To bookend the sappiness:

"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."
--Winnie the Pooh ^_^

Monday, April 13, 2009

*NSYNC--Bye, Bye, Bye

Okay, this makes me nostalgic for second grade. I always mix up NSync's and the Backstreet Boys' songs. They always seemed kind of interchangable, though I always thought of the Backstreet Boys as darker. I knew that Nick Carter was BSB, which was cool in first grade, and Justin Timberlake was NSync, which was popular in second grade. Actually, Nick Carter's brother Aaron was a big deal in second grade. My friends and I almost did a dance to "I Want Candy" for the talent show. I remember practicing it at recess until the group fell apart.

So apologies to former members of both groups for not being able to tell the difference between you. Oh, and BSB only had four members and NSync had five. But I just remembered that after watching this video, so I don't think it counts.