Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homecoming merriment and my lack of yellow

Eh, not in a writing mood, but I want to tell my shirt color story!

This week is homecoming week, and evidently today we were supposed to wear the color assigned to our grade. Freshmen white, sophomores yellow, juniors black, and seniors green. I never got the memo on that, I was assuming that Friday was color day like last year. I was busy watching "John and Kate Plus 8" this morning, so I got dressed in 3 minutes, grabbed my bright green shirt because it was clean and matched my pants, and wasn't even thinking about color day. Now I'm a traitor to my grade.

Even funnier was there was this "Battle of the Classes" exhibition on the football field, like a pep rally where honest-to-God willing participants from each grade compete in potato sack races and field day events. Out of my friends that I was sitting with, two were also wearing green, and M was wearing this big black sweatshirt. All unintentional. It looked like we were making a political statement among the sea of yellow. I don't even own anything yellow except my Spongebob T-Shirt, but I can't exactly wear that to school.

I was mad that I wasn't allowed to bring my backpack to this thing. I wanted to do homework. I brought paper so I could write the extra credit story for English. I have to create a comedy scene using only a park, a policeman, and a pretty girl. Some Charlie Chaplin thing.

Returning to the point, M made enough sarcastic comments about our class representatives (most of them just mean people) and the whole spectacle that it kept me entertained. All our reps were of course the famous people (the girl who wears the piano and sock-in-mouth guy among others). I stopped paying attention after the second event and worked on my story, but it's nice to get to sit outside instead of working on court case studies in Government. The weather was nice today.

Sock guy is so annoying. He wouldn't shut up in Chemistry yesterday, so I don't have notes on the first half of the movie we were watching. He was talking sooo loud on purpose just so no one would able to hear or get any notes. I actually yelled at him. It felt good, and it surprised people. Well, our sub wasn't doing anything! Then in English...that's too long of a story. He's just an idiot. People don't believe that he's that bad. M was one of them, and she's so on my side now that she's met him. He does every annoying thing you can possibly think of to make his insults and slurs even more obnoxious.

Semi-speaking of M, she put blue streaks in her hair and now so really looks like Tibby from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I really do think they look alike!

I have to take the PSATs tomorrow. I'm putting off thinking about it. I want to sit outside and do homework while people scream "Sophomores! Sophomores!" around me. Actually, I want to watch sock guy lose the tug of war again. ^^

Love, Juliana

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