Friday, December 28, 2007

Movie Checklist

Hey, imaginary readers! Remember that list of Christmas movies that I wanted to see before Christmas? Well, I highlighted the ones I actually got around to in purple, and I added a few non-listed ones at the bottom. I fell pathetically short of my quota.

"My self-proclaimed holiday classics that I am going to watch no matter what:
The Santa Clause
I'll be Home for Christmas
(Hit that one last night! One down, the rest to go.)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Santa Clause 2 (not as good as the original, but I still grew up with it)
Home Alone

Movies I've never seen but want to:
A Christmas Story
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
It's a Wonderful Life

Movies I really want to see again but have to find:
Miracle on 34th Street
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever "

Other non-listed ones:
The Santa Clause 3
Eloise at Christmastime (did I add that one in another post? I might have.)
The Holiday (not sure if that counts)
Fred Claus (which I hope to never have to watch again as long as I live--not only do i not recommend it, but i warn you to avoid it. It is so asinine that it's almost anti-Christmas.)

I was definitely not in the holiday spirit this year. Maybe next year will feel more like Christmas.

A few Christmas pictures

Pictures from Christmas!

The three-piece band! They sing some very jazzed-up Chuck E. Cheese anamatronic versions of popular Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls). My sister, her friend, and I named them. The right penguin is Paco, the left one is Pablo, and the Polar Bear is Big Mike. The band altogether is called Big Mike and the Mikettes.

This is our Christmas tree from this year, decorated with stuffed animals again out of tradition.

These are the sun lamps that my sister and I got for Christmas. They gather sunlight during the day, which charges the battery, and they glow at night.

My baby bird, Roxy, who's actually not so much a baby anymore. This has nothing to do with Christmas except that that's when I took the picture. He's cute, right? Yes, despite the feminine name, Roxy is a boy. Initially, we thought he was a girl, and it was too late to change the name. It took long enough to switch from using the pronoun "she" to "he." Sorry about the bad quality--I shut the flash off because it scares him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last time I gossip about celebrirties--I swear.

So evidently Jaime Lynn Spears is pregnant. This sounds unbelievably heartless on my part, but if some kids show star got knocked up, I'd rather have them be on Disney Channel than Nickelodeon. If Disney continued to be linked to scandal like the old-news Vanessa Hudgens thing, I'd have fun revelling in the irony.

I don't think they should cancel her show though. I feel bad enough for her, having her life be a notionwide topic of discussion (which I'm contributing to--oops--but whatever. No one reads this anyway.)

Though I'd also think that she'd be really careful about doing something that would interest "US Weekly" since her and her family's reputation is constantly scrutinized. I mean, I'd become a Mother Theresa if I was in the position of being compared to Britney. Oh well. It's her life.

By the way, I heard that Lynn Spears (mother of Jaime and Britney) is writing a book on parenting. Okay...she has one daughter that just got her kids confiscated from her and another daughter that won't even be of legal drinking age when her kid goes to Kindergarten. Go figure.