Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paris Hilton Imitates Audrey Hepburn

I didn't think it was possible for anything to stain the reputation of American culture more than "South Park" already has, but I've learned a valuable lesson in not questioning their capacity for asininity.

This, right here, is not only a disgrace to American culture, but I'm sure this display is making the costume designers for Breakfast at Tiffany's roll in thier graves. If not that, then we should all be able to hear ghosts laughing if we listen close.

(I hate photo copyright laws--especially since my camera's broken)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

High School Musical

If you know me, you know how much I hated High School Musical. I don't think I need to explain it--you've all heard the rant before. However, on the night of the premeire of the big #2, I was babysitting my little sister, and I promised to watch it with her. Guess what? I actually liked this one! *gasp*

Now, I'm sure my judgement was impeded when Zac Efron took his shirt off--I gained a new respect for his character. ;) :D But regardless of that, I started to see the value of High School Musical--its weightless. There's just enough drama to keep people entertained, but not enough to prompt the conservative parents to write letters to Disney. It's cute--instead of "light reading," it's "light viewing."

I used to hate that it was unrealistic. I shows kids this picture of an ideal high school with trivial problems that work themselves out in the end. Yeah, right. But, now that I am actually in high school myself, that utopian version of one doesn't seem so stupid. Its definitely nicer than a real high school. If you want a maple syrup coated story to make you feel good about the world, this is it.

I have to say HSM2 was awesome. They did a really good job with it, and I would actually watch it a second time. *gasp* again. I downloaded the music to make a CD for my sister, but I actually listen to it myself. It drains out a little bit of my famous Juliana cynicism that you've all grown to love. XD

I'm not about to rush out and buy an "I heart Troy" T-shirt, but I've grown to appreciate what High School Musical stands for. Love, happiness, and making dreams come true--we could all use some of that in our lives, no matter how old we are.