Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Across the Universe

I watched Across the Universe this weekend. Great movie, one of the most creative ones I've seen in a long time.

^Bowling alley scene "I've Just Seen a Face" (the real song name) or I call it "Fallen." Love this one.

Happy Belated Easter to anyone who celebrates it! My Easter was a lot of fun. We made an Easter egg hunt for the little kids, then we let them re-hide the eggs for us. It's really cool to see how excited they were about it. Makes me remember how excited I used to get when I was young, how little things like that felt like magic.

Seriously, go watch Across the Universe and tell me it's not genius.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Gilmore Girls

Another Gilmore Girls clip. The funniest conversations on this show are at the "friday night dinners."

Sweet Niblets! My week has been boring.

Speaking of sweet niblets, I saw a Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball in Toys R Us the other day. No, your not going blind. I really did say "Hannah Montana Macig 8 Ball." It's peppered with cutesy annoying phrases like "Sweet niblets, no!" and "spotlight on yes." There was a High School Musical one there, too, but the "sweet niblets, no" thing made this the highlight of my afternoon.

When I was about six, my dad would always paly this Dawson's Creek (ya know, the TV show) soundtrack CD in the car whenever we went to Disney World. I remember he used to play the same song over and over. I heard that song on the radio the other day and had a sudden urge to find the CD. I have no idea who bought it in the first place or why we had it (my parents didn't watch that show, and I thought it was a band until last year) I found it yesterday in the back of our old CD cabinet, kind of faded. Like the dork that I am, I imported it to my iPod. Hey, it's a childhood memory now.

One of my favorite clips from my favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls. Where did all the anvils go?