Friday, October 3, 2008

Piano accessories, shoe shopping, and the ubiquitous wine glasses.

There's this girl in my Spanish class who wears a piano on her belt.

No kidding. It's one of those little kid's electronic keyboards, Fisher Price or something, maybe 10 inches across. She hooks it to her belt. I don't even know if I can explain this right, I wish I had a picture. Have you ever met anyone who wears a piano? How did she come up with that?? This is the second time I've seen her with it. I've talked about her outfits on here before.

My sister needed shoes for my cousin's wedding, so we went to Payless after school. I think I'm the only girl in the country who is bored out of my mind in a shoe store. I was making faces in the mirror like a little kid and playing with the bead on my school ID necklace. I really hate shoe shopping.

Oh, I saw this pair of kids cat slippers...instead of having the heads facing forward so it looks like the cats are walking as you walk, the cats' faces are looking up at you, and their feet are in the air as if they're lying on their backs. That's a little morbid to's like you're stepping on their stomach and mopping the floor with them. It's weird.

Agg I've spent the last 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen from the pre-dinner party for out-of-town family (here for my cousin's wedding). Anny was supposed to be helping me, but she decided to eat Doritos and watch TV instead. Evidently, Pushing Daisies DVDs can't be paused or it runis the flow of the story. I convinced her to put some forks in the dishwasher and the extent of her help stopped there. I gave her the "Don't you want to help me?" look a few times, but she just said, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I figure it's not worth the argument to wash a few wine glasses by myself.

Back to cleaning. I probably have to rearrange the fridge again to accomodate more leftover pizza or something. Anny won't help with that either. I'm going to have to change back into the pink shirt when everybody gets back from dinner. Pink clothes make me self-conscious for some reason. More babbling or random videos when I get the motivation.

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  1. Payless is a good choice for shoe shopping, I too love to shop here.