Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Year Anniversary of Aladdin and Jasmine

"If it wasn't for me, you'd still be an illiterate bread thief who hangs out with a monkey all day, instead of an illiterate sultan who hangs out with a monkey all day."
"He's the prime minister!"
Haha this is weirdly entertaining.

Newspaper keeps me from dying of boredom

Okay, so I'm writing a newspaper article about the inauguration.

This journalist from our local newspaper came in to give us writing tips and look over our articles. My teacher made me show him my inauguration article.

Turns out he knows my uncle, and they don't like each other. Great, I thought. Because the process of having a professional read and correct your writing while you're sitting there isn't awkward enough without the guy having a prejudice against your family.

Well, he accused me of plagiarising my article.

He said, "This is really good news writing. Almost too good." He raised an eyebrow at me. "Are you sure you didn't copy this from other news articles?"

Which, since I'm afraid of accidentally plagiarizing (like reading something, have a phrase stick in my head, then use it a few days later thinking I came up with it.) or using common phrases that people could think I stole from other people, I definitely got nervous. He mentioned the plagiarism thing a few times while he read my article.

After that, he goes, "You look nervous." I was thinking, well yeah, you just told me you're enemies with my uncle and you think I plagiarized my article. Why wouldn't I be nervous?

I was telling it to my friend after I sat back at my computer and she said, "Maybe he thought you were nervous because he caught you." I HADN'T EVEN THOUGHT OF THAT.

He told my teacher! He said, "Hers was good, maybe too good." I went to my teacher first and asked her if he said anything bad about me and that he thinks I plagiarized it (since she knows I wouldn't). She told me what he said, and she said don't worry about it, I know if I did or not.

I googled some sentences to check and seriously reworded a few phrases just to be sure.

I can't find any upperclassmen who went to the inauguration. I asked around the room (yeah, you know what it took my to get brave enough to talk to the editors?) and the only person they know who went is Ex-Ms. Editor Almighty.

After I asked, one girl said "You want Obama's cell phone number? You can call him and ask." To which she burst into laughter at her own joke. I was like, what are you, high?

The features editor told me it's okay to interview her since she's the ex-editor-in-chief and isn't coming back. But, first of all, how cheap is that? To interview your editor in chief, even if she isn't on the staff anymore? I know a bunch of other people who went, but I have two Sophomore boys, one Freshman boy, and an Assistant Principal. The only reason I need Ms. Almighty is to satisfy the "gender, grade, race diversity" quota.

Second of all, I DON'T WANT TO INTERVIEW HER! I WILL CRY! Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but she's scary. And everyone was suggesting I ask the other editor-in-chief for her cell number and do a phone interview.


I'm, uh, not going to. I don't think my teacher would let me use her quotes anyway. Wishful thinking.

Oh, and my last interview today didn't come until five minutes before the end of class, so I spent almost an hour after school adding his quotes. He was helpful. I was afraid his Spanish teacher wouldn't let him out. I feel bad about asking teachers to let their students out of class just for interviews, but I don't know what these kids look like, so I can't go find them at lunch or something. All I have to go on are the names other people tell me.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Quick Update

I'm writing an essay about the Powerpuff Girls for English, and this is one of the few times I've written essays for school and gotten writer's block. In what ways to the Powerpuff Girls advocate feminism? I hit a road block. A few things before I fill some space with babble about Mojo Jojo.

Holy croutons, it was cold today. I actually love it. I'm definitely a warm-weather lover, but cold and dreary is nice for a change. I like having some semblance of a winter, even here in the tropics.

GObama, great acceptance speech, hope you're a good President, good luck, and God bless ya. I would not want to take on the responsibility you just accepted. I have to write a newspaper article on the inauguration, by the way.

I'm obsessed with "House." If you've never seen this show, watch it.

I'm less obsessed with "Gossip Girl" now that they're repeating the same drama over and over. Monday's was alright, but either it's losing something or I am.

I'm getting braces tomorrow morning. No use being bitter about it, with all my teeth problems, I'm just glad they're fixable. I need surgery to fix some stuff, and the reason I'm getting braces to late is they were trying to wait and see if the teeth would fix themselves. They didn't, so I need surgery and I'm going to have braces for the rest of high school. I'm going to say it's no big deal, just a little annoying. Just happy I can get it fixed.

I made lemonade and pink cupcakes with pink and purple icing. Instead of doing homework. Ahem. It was worth it though.

Back to the Powerpuff Girls. Here's an interview with Bubbles. It made me laugh. The guy doing the interview (Tom Kenney) is the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diego Rivera

I'm doing research for a Spanish oral. According to multiple sources, this is the man diagnosed by a doctor as "unfit for monogamy." He cheated on all of his wives (I think there were four) and always had a bunch of girls at one time. This is him, people.

I have to use the cliche here: A picture's worth a thousand words.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Practical dreams are so boring.

Okay, I always have dreams about things that make absolutely no sense, like this one where I repeatedly rang the doorbell of this guy from my middle school's house and threw pies in his face, then his mother came out started talking to me in exact lines from Twilight. Things like that that have very little to do with anything.

I mean, if I thought about it, I could figure out, "Well, I was reading Twilight the other day, and my friends were talking about that guy last week..." But what's with the pie? It's so random. In one, I was in a "wild west" videogame and my job was to shoot criminals.

Recently, almost every dream I have is straight to the point and makes sense. Last night, I dreamed I missed a newspaper deadline and forgot to read the "Letter to Birmingham Jail" for Government (something I have to do today). wake up freaking out that I forgot to do things.

Does that mean I'm losing imagination or just have more to worry about? My world is getting so boring that not even my subconscious can come up with an interesting way to sort it out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I <3 the fair.

My writing on yesterday's post was terrible. Sorry about that. Contrary to the title, I actually try to be coherent. It's not like I'm going for awards here, just typing out thoughts and sending them into cyberspace, but if I wanted to be lazy, I would go get a Facebook and send little "OMG, so liek my BFF sed he is soo hawt" messages to people who couldn't care less about writing. I do this because I like to write.

Besides that, no one can get mad at me for wasting their time with my inane stories if I post them on here. I'm not forcing them to read, but I feel like telling empty cyberspace is still telling someone.

Ahem. New subject. Insert brilliant transition here.

We went to the fair today! I ate my body weight in junk food, but it wasn't nearly as bad as last year. I came home really sick, and that's when I came up with the "only eat one food described as 'deep-fried'" rule. I had a fried twinkie, which are AMAZING. I don't care if that makes me a pig. I LOVE THOSE THINGS.

I went with my friend Zac (we always go with him). He's the only one who will go on the cool rides with me. He, Anny, and I played "Where's Waldo?" from the skyride where you describe a person and everyone has to locate them. You see some crazy-looking people doing that. Which brings me to my next topic:

What are you people thinking??

1. Why do you insist on piling on the black eyeliner? It looks like people are thinking the more you wear, the better you look. You people don't look good. You look scary. You look like you spend too much time in front of the mirror. You're the reason teenagers are stereotyped. USE LESS OF IT.

2. Another question for people my age: What's with wearing plaid and checkers together? It doesn't match. It doesn't even kind of match. This girl was wearing a red plaid shirt and black-and-white checkered pants, and Zac, Anny, and I spent half the skyride talking about her outfit. It doesn't look cool. It looks like you can't match clothes.

3. Lip rings? Seriously? What are you thinking?

4. What's with you people who let your toddlers wander yards away from you in a crowd? I know you say you can see them so they're fine, but they can get trampled, you turn your head for a second (which many of you do) and they can get snatched. I would be afraid to let my two-year-old out of the stroller in a place that chaotic.

I have a couple really funny pictures. I'd post them, but I want to go watch "House" now, not mess around with my camera. (Not trying to be lazy, just not in the mood to stay up finishing posts at 1 AM.

We spent a lot of time at the fair looking at the bunnies. There's a tent full of rabbits in cages, and my sister and Zac spent forever trying to convince his mom to get a little black bunny. She actually said yes, but they called his dad and got a response of "absolutely not." The bunnies are so cute though. I have pictures of at least 10 different ones on my camera.

Sugar crash. I just watched the Holiday for the hundreth time and ate some of the leftover kettle corn and a third of the bag of cotton candy. ^_^" I ate the whole pink section myself. Once a year, people. Once a year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drop the paintbrush and put the orange where we can't see it.

I spent four hours today in a high school auditorium (another local high school, but their theater looks so identical to the one at my school that I forgot where I was) for the Chinese New Year show I mentioned before. I have no idea why I had to show up at 5:00 when the show starts at 7.

My teacher didn't even get there until 5:45 and they didn't take attendance until 6:30...we didn't rehearse or anything, just sat around and talked in the incredibly familiar looking auditorium in school that looks so much cooler than my school.

This school is brick, which I think makes it look like a high school. Brick buildings = schools in my head. There's this growing trend where I live: Building new boxy, rectangular high schools that look like medical research labs and painting them orange.

I have absolutely no idea why this bothers me so much. My high school is white and definitely not one giant box like these new ones. It's all over the place. They're moving my school to a new, bigger one THAT IS GOING TO BE PAINTED ORANGE, but I'll only go to school in it for a year, maybe a year and a half. I don't even care much about that because I don't like the look of my school in it's current condition, even though plain white and spread out is better than boxy and orange. I hate boxy and orange.

The two community high schools in my city are very high school-looking. They just recently built a giant orange version of one of them and plan to tear down the old, normal one. My mom thinks the old one looks depressing and dirty. My sister thinks the reason I like it is because it looks like the school from "The Breakfast Club." Yeah, because that looks like a high school!

I went on this same rant in the car today, and my mom said they chose orange because they figure other colors will go out of style in a decade or so. Um, when have orange buildings ever been in style?? Are they trying to predict future color trends, painting with the hope that orange goes in style in a decade? No.

The new orange community high school that's been built is right down the street from the new orange elementary school. They look exactly the same. The difference between the two sad-looking rectangles is the playground in front the latter. At least the playground isn't orange.

Anyway, I love the school the Chinese New Year show was held at. I went to basketball camp for a few summers when I was little, and we used that school's gym. I was so fascinated by it, and I guess ingrained the picture of that school, the only high school I had ever been in, as the way it should look. The layout looks like a school. It just does. And orange is stupid.

I might write my free choice English essay on this.


Oh, the Chinese show went well. ^_^

Friday, January 16, 2009

Definitely, Maybe

I watched this movie tonight--it's about a little girl whose parents are getting divorced, and she wants her dad to tell her about his past relationships and how he and her mom met. He agrees to tell her the story, detailing his relationships with his three serious girlfriends, but changes their names and makes her guess which one is her mom.

The idea is cute. For the most part, the movie is, too, but it's SLOW. I could never sit through that whole movie again. I thought the clock stopped or something. It seemed to drag on forever, and I really just wanted to know who he ends up with.

Even though it was slow, it was cute enough that I knew the ending had to be good. It was a good ending. It wasn't exactly how I expected it, but I think it was a very good ending. I'm not going to say the ending justifies the hour-and-a-half of slowness, but after sitting through the thing to see how the "mystery" was solved, I wasn't disappointed.

I don't exactly recommend anyone watch it, but if you're ever forced to watch it or really don't mind slow romantic comedies, the whole thing from a "storyline" perspective is very good and has a lot of admirable qualities. I just wish they made it move faster.




I am so happy it's Friday. I was up late last night doing government homework, and I ended up falling asleep during Chinese class (we were watching a movie) and the WWII assembly this afternoon. I felt bad, but the 'tired headache' went away.

Now, what to talk about. Ah, newspaper story.

Our new news editor and the girl in charge of photography got in this fight because news girl wanted her to design three pages, and photo girl was like, "Why can't you take an extra page? I already have two." So the news girl sends me over. "Juliana, print out the budget (who's writing what on what page thing) and give it to J, okay?" So I go over there and hand it to her.

J: Why are you giving me this?
Me: I don't know, C told me to give it to you.
J: There are no page numbers.
I walk back across the room.
Me: C, she says there are no page numbers, so she won't take it.
C: Tell her the page numbers are right here in this column.
I walk back over.
Me: She says the page numbers are right here.
J: This is so unorganized. And what's this? Who's writing these articles? Tell her it's too confusing and she should type it neater. Actually, why don't you tell her to come over here herself and talk to me?

Then the Sports editor chimes in with, "Yeah, this should be an editors-only zone." -_-

After I told C that J won't take it from me and wanted to talk to her, she went over there and was like, "Is there a reason you wouldn't just take the paper from Juliana?" I sat back down at my computer laughing.

My sister has to take dance class at school, and their dances are always really funny-looking. They can't make the kids do anything too difficult, so you can imagine what a group of apathetic 6th graders look like doing some simple dance moves to contemporary music. Anny came home saying, "We have to do the stupidest dance in dance class, want to see it?" She showed it to me, and I was like, "Ooh, teach me!" So now I know the dance. XD

I went to get her from band practice after school, and my mom and I went to Starbucks before. I am the queen of spilling drinks, not because I knock them over, but because I miss my mouth. I got coffee all over my shirt. Anny got in the car, grabbed it, and started drinking the rest, but then her friend made her laugh and it came out her nose. I was like, "All right, Ann, no more for you."

Actually, it was my school newspaper shirt I spilled it on, and went I went in to get Anny, she showed all her friends.

"This is my sister's newspaper shirt, she gets to wear it to school, and on the back, it says 'We've got issues.' (I showed them) Julie thinks it's so appropriate since their newspaper staff has some crazy people."

Then she starts telling them about Ms. Editor Almighty and how she left. I felt loved. She not only listens to me, but she made a point to show my shirt to her friends and tell them about it. She unzipped my jacket to show them and everything. I love her friends, they say I'm like their older sister, and I feel so special that they seem to know all these things about me that I never told them. That means Anny thinks enough of me to tell her friends the little insignificant things that I didn't know she payed attention to. One of those moments when I realize I mean something to her.

To conclude this ridiculously long post, here's the original music video to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." This video is really strange. Surreal. I think it's cool but still haven't figured out what it means. All metaphor, obviously. The dancing guys are kind of random, but I guess they stand for something.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess what?

I could survive for 38 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Thanks, M. I learned that I'm inadequate when placed opposite a vicious dinosaur. My survival time is less than the time it took to write this post. =]

No more whiney and dramatic. I'm handling it. ^_^

I asked my newspaper teacher if I could work on my page at lunch today, but she had to go somewhere, so I couldn't. She told me I should have enough time on Tuesday, she really just wants an idea of what I'm doing, and she'll give me Wednesday after school, too. After that, I just decided to skip Chinese New Year practice. I'll go tomorrow for sure. We're just singing a song anyway.

Thought I'd update my status after yesterday's rant, rationalize the drama a little. Tomorrow's Friday! Yay! I will write something happy tomorrow. Last newspaper class, the unofficial new news editor was using me as her page girl and I have a story about that I want to tell. That, and here's a new girl in my class, so the crazy dictator Features and Entertainment editors are being so super sweet to her that I couldn't help but laugh. A completely new side of their personality, and you know it's all political. Both managed, in two separate conversations, to tell the new girl that they think the paper would be better if they were editor-in-chief. Ah, sometimes I love these people for giving me conversation topics.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great, I'm crying about newspaper again.

I have one class left to design my entire page supposedly perfect. I am SOOO UNBELIEVABLY ANGRY that I have to go to the dentist tomorrow during newspaper class. The topic of my teeth problems will probably have it's own post at some point since I need to get three of my permanent teeth pulled into place and braces for three years, know, whatever. I'm too upset right now to explain it. Nobody cares, anyway. I'm just missing one of the two classes I have left to design my page, and I don't know what to do, what I'm doing, I'm not creative enough to think of anything, I have no idea what to do about the people who have sidebars on my page, and I spent forever last night figuring out what to do about this, finding out today that I'm missing the class tomorrow. I should have gone after school today but more confusion, not knowing what to do with the page right now, and I had so much homework. I just got my page and article assigned yesterday, and none of it is even set in stone. They're like, "Yeah, I don't know who's writing that article." I'm looking forward to next year when I don't have room in my schedule for the class. I can't do it at lunch because of practice for the Chinese New Year show, which I could skip tomorrow but should go to a club that I've been skipping for the past five meetings to do newspaper.

Most horribly written post ever (sorry0, but I don't care this time. I am not in the mood to write anything right now.

On Friday, I'll have a lot of happy things to say. I just needed to whine because I feel like I'm walking into a big test I forgot to study for. Newspaper feels like that a lot.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Procrastinators of the world...we'll unite eventually.

I'm so bored with this Chinese essay and so desperate for two or three more paragraphs to fill the four-page minimum requirement that I've actually run out of things to procrastinate with. I've already walked circles around the kitchen while eating a banana, played the piano until I couldn't look at Mozart anymore, scanned through every blog I could find including X-E Matt's scratch-and-sniff sticker review, watched Tina Fey's Golden Globe acceptance speech, flipped through People magazine, and checked my e-mails 85,000 times hoping for a distraction. Oh, and typed out all the ways I procrastinate on my blog. ^_^" Back to Chinese New Year. This is the song I have to sing on Saturday night for the Chinese New Year show.

It's been stuck in my head all day. I was singing it under my breath in math class before I caught myself. Right. Essay. Going. Bye!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow, I'm losing it.

Wow, first time since March that I forgot to Tivo "Gossip Girl," even after talking to my friend about it this afternoon. That's when it's certain I'm swamped. I'm freaking out about newspaper tomorrow. We're getting articles assigned. Ugh. Only one of my ideas I consider a decent news idea, but I heard someone with a similar idea for the newsletter that goes on the bathroom walls, so...meh.

Gōng Xĭ Fā Cái!

Homework mania right now, writing an essay for Chinese about the Lunar New Year. I'm in this Chinese show on Saturday where I have to sing the "You and Me" song in Chinese. Just to let you know I'm still alive, here's a few words of wisdom from the Chinese New year celebrators:

Don't drop your chopsticks.

I hope I get time to write a real post soon! I went to Universal for M's birthday and I want to talk about it!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some people shouldn't be allowed to hold a microphone.

There was an assembly today to choose our classes for next year, and the guidance counselor who was supposed to help us understand it might as well have tapdanced up there for all the help she was. I am so confused. First she rambled on about choosing our electives wisely until some girl asked, "Do IB (the magnet program that I am in) juniors get electives?" She floundered a little (well, um, you see...hold on, let me ask somebody). She didn't know. Isn't that kind of her job? If anyone is supposed to know that, it's her.

Then she told us our one-semester elective has to be an AP class. Then she contradicted it about ten minutes later, saying that we can't take an AP class for only one semester because you need a full year to get credit (and pass the test).

Newspaper was just fabulous. Our goal is to put out four more issues by the end of the year. Yikes. The only editor in that room that I actually like quit the paper (I don't blame her...), so there goes the room's last ounce of sanity. And I'll miss her. Editor Almighty is supposedly quitting, though, too! I was shocked, thought she wsa being expelled for violent death glare or something. She was there today, and made it clear that she keeps her job.

Meh, I'm tired of writing, but I want to tell my library story.

I volunteer in the kids' section of the library, shelving books, cutting paper fish and arranging craft trays for story time, and every time I get an assignment from this one lady, I always have the biggest brandead moment ever.

The first time, they were having a "Magic Tree House" book club day and reading the one about Egypt. Okay, so when I think Egypt, I think the Nile river, boats, water, clay pots, that kind of thing. So when Mrs. B said, "Help the kids make this with their clay," and hed up a hollow brown log thing. I said, "Oh, a canoe," not thinking. She blinked at me and said, "No, a tomb for a mummy. This book's about Egypt." ^_^" Oops. Idiot Juliana moment.

Today, she gave me a stack of new books, and I thought she said, "Take these," so I started to put them away. I was thinking, "Hmm...these look different. I guess it's because they're new." I only put a few YA series on the shelves when I realized...they didn't have tape on the bindings. I went over and said to her, "You said 'tape these' not 'take these' didn't you?" Feeling like an idiot, I realized that's why the tape machine was ON THE CART. ^_^" again. And I LOVE taping the books, so I don't know why I was so spacey.

Then I spent three times as long as I needed to washing trays because I tried to get all the crayon off when I really just had to rinse them with a little soap. This lady thinks I'm like teen volunteer Barbie. She's one of the nicest people ever, though, so I joke about it to her and just try to have more common sense the next time. Hehe. I'm such an airhead.

Ooh, like my new little title thing? I cut out letters from magazines and took a picture. That's what I did on my last day of winter break. Sorry about all the rambling. I was on a roll. =] No more of that, though. I'm sticking to hilights from now on.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm procrastinating math and polluting the internet with the same time!!

I need to get re-acclimated to the excruciating length of block classes. School's back on as of 7:30 on this gloomier-than-usual morning, and sitting through hour-and-forty-minute classes is something you get used to, I guess, since Chinese and Spanish this morning felt like lock down. I came up with a new method of doing homework: I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes and see if I can get whatever it is done in that much time. I race it. Sure, I'm a nerd, but I'm a nerd who has her Spanish homework done two days early. Now to crack math, which I'm procrastinating right now. I have 20 more problems, which I might just save for Chemistry tomorrow. That's what Chem is for. That and sleeping. Can you tell science isn't my thing? =]


Sunday, January 4, 2009

More pictures of unrelated topics

Anyone know what a bananofo is? It's nothing! We think it's a banana-powered phone used by bananas. It's this game called Yamodo that I also got from M for Christmas (isn't she nice? She got me all this cool stuff) that gives you made-up words to think about. Then you have to write what you think it is and draw what you think it looks like. You pass it around to everyone you're playing with, and everybody adds something.

Quirkosa: A fish that eats quirks and stores them in a backpack it caries on it's back. It's hunted by the normosa fish who tries to steal it's quirks, and when it does, it becomes a quirkosa.
Otioba: An aluminum tree native to Russia.

Next topic: Corporate competition
Competitors: Chili's and T.G.I. Fridays
Competition: In a high-profile shopping center across the street from the mall, these two menu-similar restaurants sit side-by-side with just enough space to drive a car down the narrow one-way street between them. They don't even need binoculars to spy on their competition through the tinted windows.

Red awning is Friday's. Green is Chili's.

Both restaurants opened up in the same week about two years ago, and the two buildings looks almost identical sans the awnings and signs over the doors. Anny and I laugh about this all the time. We joke that their managers could yell out the windows, "See that? Two more customers walked in! We're beating you, pal!" It's like the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket from Spongebob, but I think the two are both doing well.

Ann and I got gift cards to Sephora for Christmas, so we went in there today. I've probably been in there twice in my life, the two times I've recieved gift cards, because don't use a lot of make-up stuff, but I love the soap that smells like candy and cake.

I got a hot chocolate soap that really does smell like chocolate, and we got these three little bottles that smell like sodas. My favorite was the red licorice one. Twizzlers! I swear.

Ooh, then I went to this Turkey place in the food court to get THE BEST LEMONADE EVER. I'm sure someone out there makes it better, but these guys put strawberries in it, and it's not too sour or sickeningly sweet. They give you 32 ounces (a huge cup) for a dollar. It's $1.07 total when you count tax. Good deal. I rave about that stuff to everybody.

Last topic. Booger candy! Hehe. I got this for M's brother at Blockbuster the other day because I thought it was the funniest thing ever and something a 2nd grade boy would appreciate. I hope he'll think it's funny, and he has friends who might get a kick out of it. I couldn't not talk about this on here.

My dad said, "They feel real? Does that mean the guy who invented this picks his nose?" XD The back says "picked out especially for you." It's one of the grossest candy ideas ever, but pretty darn funny.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picture time!

I haven't taken pictures in a long time, so I'm going to photographically illustrate some of the things I've been talking about/meaning to talk about for a while. I'm saving my favorite one for last.

My green nails. Anny got this stuff at Claire's. It matches my pajama pants exactly which is really dorky, but I didn't even notice right away. I woke up and was like, "Hey, this matches!"

Ramunè! Love this stuff. Thanks, M! =] How it works is there's a marble sealing a hole in the top of the bottle. You take the cap off and in the cap, there's a plastic cork thing so you can push the marble through. The marble's what's sealing the carbonation. The bottle has a neck that stops the marble from going to the bottom, but you can't really get it back out. See in the picture?

Speaking of marbles...

Okay, they're more like stones. The Mancala board, perfectly arranged, from when M and I played a few weeks ago. Dunno why you should care about that...I just thought it looked pretty with the colors in the right place.

And here's my favorite...

M got me a foam fruitcake for Christmas! I mentioned it about a week ago, I was thinking about getting it for her, but wasn't sure if she'd laugh or be like, "Okay, what do I do with this?" so I got it for my kindergarten friend who already expects weirdness from me. BUT M GOT ME ONE! I saw the thing in Barnes and Noble and was like, "I have to get this for somebody! This is hilarious!" I love this thing. I mean, come one, it's a foam fruitcake! So here I dressed it up in leopard print glasses and communist cow's french hat. ^_^

*Sigh* Finally done. This took forever to comprise. Bedtime now. It's almost 2 AM...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hannah Montana = Carrie Bradshaw? XD

I'm tired, so I'm going to type this quickly. Topic: Miley Cyrus.

Evidently, back in July, she was being considered as spokesgirl for Lifestyles condoms?? Excuse me? It says the company wanted her "no sex before marriage" edge, which doesn't make much sense, but okay. If she said yes, they would have given her $1 million and a lifetime supply.

Fox News' version
Some Hollywood Gossip people's version

Another thing. She says her show "Hannah Montana" is modeled after "Sex and the City?" Again, excuse me?

"But if you watch 'Sex and the City,' like the way the friends are, the way that it’s dry and they all have distinct characters—that’s a thing we try to do on our show.”

Having distinct characters? Isn't that called...good screenwriting? And if you've ever watched "Hannah Montana," it's not like "SATC" where each of the four has one very dominant personality trait that balance each other out. I know what she means, but her show isn't done that way. All the guys on the show think they're ladies' men who really aren't and fail to get girls, and all the girls are boy crazy and hair flippy. "Wizards of Waverly Place" has more character diversity.

Both of those made me laugh.

Happy New Year!

I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it, so Happy New Year! This year went so fast it's scary. In two and a half more, I'll be in college. I'm doing everything I can not to think about it.

I have a few random things to talk about that have nothing in common excapt they all occurred in the past two days.

First, Ramune. It's this awesome Japanese soda that M got for me~ at the mall today. I have to get my camera back from Anny and take a picture of my bottle.

Being sick really sucks during break. The only thing good about being sick is missing school, and even that is only fun on the day off. When you come back from being sick and have to make up work, it's hellish. Anyway, I'm so tired, my head hurts and I feel like that commercial with the woman walking down the street with the head of a teddy bear and it says "feeling stuffed?"

I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days last night. It was funny, about a girl who has to write a "how to" article for a magazine about what not to do in a relationship. She has go out with a guy, do everything wrong, and get him to break up with her in 10 days. The guy she finds is involved in a game of his own: he has to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days. One of those pointless, cutesy movies that you know exactly how they're going to end from the minute they start, but that's what makes them fun. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. It gets my seal of approval.

I was watching some show called "Lipstick Jungle" a little while ago, and I didn't watch enough of it to form any opinions on it, but the name made me go "That's brilliant." All I know is that is has to do with magazines and fashion designers or something and Brooke Sheilds is in it. Strikes me as a mix of "Ugly Betty" and "Sex and the City." I heard it's cancelled, and I also heard it was originally a book. Whatever, the name still rocks. "Lipstick Jungle"...hehe, that's such a good name for a TV show. And a book.

Bye for now. I'm going to watch "Friends" DVDs and work up the energy to get out of bed to brush my teeth. I hate being sick.