Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Train of thought

Finally got an interview with the principal today for my newspaper article. Finally. But this issue is not coming out by the end of the year. No way in hell it's going to be done and perfect, pass inspection by the teacher and assistant principal (and this time the actual principal), make it to press and come back in six days. The only chance we have is if every one of us has our pages completely done and flawless, my teacher and the AP check them it immediately and both say they're perfect, and the printing place kicks it into gear. The staff writers are editing this issue since our senior editors graduated. What makes us think that the first issue we do without editor organization is the first issue that we manage to get right on the first try? I hope it comes out, though...I don't want all this work to be for nothing.

I was helping my sister study for an English test yesterday, literary devices like theme and irony. She wasn't getting it, so I gave examples of each one, but I kept connecting things back to Dirty Dancing. One of the things on her list was "loss of innocence as a theme." Dirty Dancing epitomizes that. Eventually we we're like, "alright, enough for now. Wanna just watch it?" I love that movie, but it's been a year since either of us have seen it. This time, Anny really liked it as much as I do. Another step in my quest to convert her into a fan of all my favorite movies.

In tribute to Patrick Swayze who's been battling pancreatic cancer for some time now, here's the trailer to Ghost, another awesome movie.

My sister's old dance teacher looked exactly like him.

Also, I'm going to take Brooke Sheilds' advice and lose my virginity already so I don't regret waiting so long when I'm 22. Thanks for the advice, wise adult. I will pass that on to the rest of my impressionable teenage friends.

No, actually, I don't think what she said was so bad. I mean, I don't believe everybody who says "I'm glad I waited." Not everybody can be happy about that. Some people just say that because they couldn't get anyone to do it with them anyway. Which brings me to another point...

I was watching "Daria" (superfunny show, but if it's not your kind of humor, you'll think it's moronic) and they joke a lot about how people treat you differently when you're pretty. There's a line that says something like "Is there ever a time when the way you look doesn't affect the way you're judged?" and the other girl answers "When you donate an organ, unless it's your eyes."

There's this girl in my government class with the worst attitude, and when she talks, her sentences are just dripping with that obnoxious...she bothers me. I listen to her run her mouth and think, "How can you say stuff like that outloud? How do you even think like that?" But she's pretty, she dresses well, and she has a soft spoken voice that if you didn't speak English, you would never know. But even people who listen to her obvious lack of social tact love her anyway. Standards are lower for pretty people. Unfortunately, she's wicked smart too, and she doesn't hesitate to throw that in people's faces. I was kind of raised to believe that just because you had genetic luck with looks and intelligence doesn't mean you can say anything you want. I learned from school experiences that I was wrong, those people have free reign over everything.

You know, makes me wonder, if I was prettier and I didn't have to be nice, would I still be the same? I think I would, but who knows. When people treat you special all the time, your priorities probably change. Just a thought.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My sister has been home for a whole two hours and failed to tell me this, even though she has known since this morning. Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl (I mentioned him in the last post. I love him.) is going to star in the Footloose remake next year as Ren McCormack! He replaced Zac Efron, who didn't want to be typecast as musical guy. Kevin Bacon was the original Ren McCormick in the 80's movie version. I really want to see this now.

Also, my friend from middle school just called me to tell me two kids from our middle school that neither of us have spoken to since are going out now, according to Facebook. It was like a time warp back to 8th grade. I reminded her that they used to go out on-and-off in middle school, so this was not news to me. She forgot all about that. Really brought me back. Two years later and we're still gossiping about these kids.


Gossip Girl Season Finale!

It goes against my religion to say this, but OMG the Gossip Girl series finale was awesome. You better believe this post is going to be spoilerific, so if you don't want to know what happens, don't read on, got it? Although it's been a whole two days, so if you haven't seen it by now and are planning to, I suggest you get on it. I started watching it last night and it got late, so I decided to get dressed in 10 minutes this morning so I could finish the episode.

Spoilers coming, so read at your discretion.

This was the last episode of the season and subsequently the last episode of the "upper east siders" in high school. They graduated, and I was wondering what would happen once the characters go to different colleges. It's been renewed for a third season (yay!), so they're going to work it out somehow.

It looks like Georgina, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, is going to be a full-time character next year (yay, again. She's so cool.) and is going to be Blair's roommate?! I completely forgot to watch the episode where Georgina comes back so I don't know exactly what happened there, but looks like she's after revenge on Blair. Also, there was this guy at the NYU coffee house at the end...that wasn't Lily and Rufus' son, was it? I thought they said he died, but it gave that impression.

In this episode, Serena decides to bring down Gossip Girl and tries to figure out who she is (I really thought it was Jonathon for a second after the text went to his phone the show cut to a commercial. I should have known better.) I figured after that they weren't going to figure it out, especially if the series is continuing, but I hoped something interesting would happen with that.
Jenny gets elected, what is it, Queen Bee? You know, Blair's old job leading the mean girls, and she only wanted the job so she could get rid of the hierarchy.

The best part of all, the reason I wanted to see the end so much, was Blair and Chuck. ^______^ That made me so happy. I've been waiting for that for this entire season. It's so obvious they belonged together and Blair never should have been with Nate. (Nate's character is so superficial--Chase Crawford is so pretty though <3) I love what Chuck did for Blair in last week's episode, where he made sure her prom was perfect even though she went with Nate and not him, while the whole time, Blair was yelling at him thinking he was jealous and trying to sabotage her prom. Anyway, Chuck finally told Blair what any fan of the show has been waiting for since August, and I like the total fangirl dork that I am was practically holding my breath for it. I'm going to watch that episode again just for that. Chuck is my favorite character on the show.

I get too caught up in this stuff, I know. It's a stupid made-up drama, I should get a life, blah blah blah, well you know what? Eeeeee! Chuck finally said it!! Can't wait for next season.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


If you know me, you know where I'm going with this. 90's nostalgia that I didn't know about? What?


Evidently in 1992, shortly after Nick Studios came to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, Nickelodeon had a big time capsule ceremony where their viewers took a vote for the most important items to kids at the time and they buried those items in a time capsule at the site. Some of the things they buried were a new gameboy, a copy of Nick Magazine, clips of commercials from that year, a Home Alone VHS tape, slap bracelets, and "other toys" (every site I read keeps saying "other toys"). It's supposed to be opened on April 30, 2042, exactly 50 years after it was buried.


The only thing is that Nick Studios closed in 2005. I was devastated since I loved Nick Studios, I went there several times when I was little and I loved the slime machine out front. My cousin got slimed there once and she, my aunt, uncle, and other cousin were on one of those game shows there (Double Dare? I was too young to remember). Cool place, the reason I loved Universal Studios so much.

(( closed, and they decided to move the time capsule to the Nick Hotel. I hope they remember it when the hotel closes, too. It would have been cool if the time capsule would have remained in the same spot it was originally buried so it could have been, you know, undisturbed for 50 years, but I'm glad they at least moved it and didn't cover it with concrete to be lost forever.

Here's a phrase to fit with the 90's theme: I'm psyched about this. Even though I was -6 months old when it was buried and didn't know about it until today, I am obsessed with 90's nostalgia stuff, and I know a lot about classic Nickelodeon. It's cool to see how trends change and what kids of the past liked compared to today and what kids will like in the future. I love stuff like that.


I want to take my kids to uncover the time capsule. Sadly, in 2042 I will be almost 50, and my kids will probably (hopefully) be too old to be considered "kids" but not old enough to have kids of their own. I'll take my sister's kids. I hope people don't forget about it.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would you do that for money?

If you could make $700 dollars a day in tips alone just by selling coffee out of a drive-through, you would want to, right? What if you had to dress like this and have a bunch of creepy old guys look you up and down all day? Still worth the money?

I was watching some show about "extreme fast food" on the travel channel, and they showed one chain of drive-through coffee stands called "Cowgirls Espresso" where the workers are all 20-something year old girls in bikinis.

My first reaction was "that's so sleazy, I would be too uncomfortable to buy coffee from them." This blond girl with a southern accent came on and started a speech about how customers come for "service with a smile" (hun, you know damn well that they're not looking at your smile). They show interviews with some pervy-looking middle age guys in their cars going "I drive an hour every day to come here and see her" and "it's good coffee, and the service is great. They're always happy to see you." Every day apparently has a theme, and they have a different slutty outfit for every theme. On Friday, the customers can suggest something for them to wear. ACK.

It's funny how they don't mind doing it and were talking about their jobs like "yeah, we serve great coffee with a smile." Shut up about the smile thing. At least admit that you guys are like Hooters for coffee.

Anyway, they make over $700 in tips a day! I actually think the whole thing is kind of brilliant. All those guys who come by to stare at them are being manipulated. That's pretty funny. Speaking of which, do you know how much strippers make? Yeah, it's degrading and all, but they're manipulating guys out of insane amounts of money. More power to them.

Still, I wouldn't do any of that, even if I was pretty enough.