Monday, April 28, 2008

Miley Cyrus Memoir

I heard about this last week. Evidently, Miley Cyrus signed a seven-figure deal to publish a book about her life. Seven figures, is, what, like a million dollars?!? She's younger than me--it can't be a very long book. I think the video says it all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We watched Romeo and Juliet, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, today in English. It was more like a farce than an interpretation which made it incredibly entertaining and funny. Yeah, it was a funny tragedy. I need to put my comments somewhere, so here are 10 things that bothered me about R and J.

1. Speaking "Shakespearian" in modern-day California? It doesn't fit. They should have adapted the dialogue as well.
2. Capulet was portrayed as a do-as-I-say-or-else father instead of just one who wanted the best for his daughter.
3. The clothes were goofy.
4. The Friar Lawrence mail thing. I mean, just hours before Juliet wakes up, he decides to write Romeo another letter.
5. Friar Lawrence didn't show up in the tomb after Romeo died like he did in the play.
6. When Romeo goes to her room on their wedding night after the fight with Tybalt, Juliet takes off his shirt, sees the huge gashes in his side and arm, and doesn't ask what happened. She doesn't even look concerned. She knew Romeo killed Tybalt but she didn't know anything else about the fight. You'd think she'd want an explanation as to why her husband was bleeding, but instead, she's just like "okay, let's do this."
7. Juliet watches Romeo die and doesn't do anything, then she looks confused for a minute before she realizes he's dead.
8. Romeo doesn't notice that supposedly dead Juliet is awake and moving her hand toward his face. Uh, he was hugging her when she woke up and he didn't notice.
9. Romeo barely drinks the poison. He just kind of drops it and, what, does it splash into his mouth or something?
10. The ending doesn't show their parents "burying their strife" like the prologue promises. It just shows them putting R and J, who are definitely dead, in an ambulance. I don't think a hospital has any magical reviving potions, so what's an ambulance going to do?

This movie messed up a lot of stuff, but made the death story of R and J really funny, so I liked it. Mercutio as a drag queen was brilliant and for some reason everyone kept tripping over random objects and knocking things over, which was funny, too.

Here's the "balcony scene" or "the pool scene" in the movie. Romeo follows Juliet around the patio 3 inches away from her as she says her "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" speech and she doesn't notice. Then when he talks, she screams and pulls them both into the pool.

Then when the security guard came out, he didn't find it suspicious that Juliet was swimming in the pool by herself in the middle of the night in her party dress. Uh huh. The person who posted this on You Tube called it "touchingly romantic," but I thought it was funny, the first half at least. The making out in the pool thing was cute though.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Go Rory, Go Rory.

Okay, you have to be really into the show to fully appreciate this scene and it's impossible to explain, but this guy pretty much messed up Rory's (this girl's) life for a while in this show and this phone call was like her getting back at him in a way. Again, you have to like the show to get it.

Monkey Monkey Underpants.

So my week was pretty good. I got a 93 on my genetics test in bio and definitely happy about it. Oh, and since so many people failed, he's letting us correct our mistakes for extra credit, so I may have a 95 after that.

We finished reading Romeo and Juliet in English the other day. I can rant for a century about that play but for the reader's digest version, Juliet is an idiot for drinking the potion, Romeo is an annoying whiner, and Friar Lawrence is almost entirely responsible for their death by concocting the ridiculous plan. I mean, he left self-admittedly suicidal Juliet alone with her dead husband and a knife. Gah that bugs me.

Even though this Gilmore Girls scene is from the disaster called season 7, the monkey monkey underpants rant is funny. I like episodes with Gigi, too. There aren't very many.