Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AHH enough cigarette ads

I was reading a 1985 TV Guide on, mostly to see the old advertisements. I like advertising and seeing how the way things are marketed changes with society. Well, nearly every ad in here is either cigarettes and alcohol. I didn't think they made that many kinds of cigarettes. Then in the middle, they throw in a "ways to quit smoking" guide. Here's a way to quit smoking: maybe not subjecting yourself to the barrage of cigarrette advertising that tempts you whenever you open the TV listings? So much better that they can't advertise in there now. Just my opinion.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor Unfortunate Souls

My favorite song from the Little Mermaid. Ariel gives up her voice to become a human, but she can only stay a human if she gets Prince Eric to kiss her in three days.

I think this is my favorite Disney princess movie. I was in some store in the mall with my sister, and she said "that's unfortunate," so I started singing this and she shouts "Juliana, stop, people are staring!" After she shouted that, they were. So now whenever we're in that store, I sing this just to mess with her.

The other day I had a dream I was on this really steep, high escalator and was about to fall off. The day after that, someone tried to kill me in an elevator tower-of-terror style. I was hoping for a pattern, you know, preparing to fall down a flight of stairs the next time. Didn't happen. Kind of disappointing.

Just for kicks, the Jonas Brothers doing the same song.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No...just, no. Again.

If Mitchel Musso wasn't enough to make you uncomfortable...

How about Mitchel Musso singing about recycling? Anny just showed me this. I have to turn on Disney channel once in a while. I forget about these inane music videos.

*Twitch* Physically uncomfortable. And worse, it's stuck in my head. AND they dragged School House Rock into this! AND I hate his hair, I've hated his hair since the first time I saw him on "Hannah Montana" and it's just getting longer and longer and I think it's going to eat his face one of these days! Cut your hair, buddy.

And what's with the 2x3 is 6 thing? What does math have to do with recycling? Did I just miss that?

One of the comments was "WTF...check the paper because I going to kill this yodeling bastard." Makes me wonder why they clicked on a Mitchel Musso recycling video in the first place, but that made me laugh. XD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gossip Girl, not Chemistry

I'm bored...and after the following conversation:

Anny: Ahh! Even your Hello Kitty doll looks bored.
Me: I'm studying for Chemistry. It's naturally boring. And this is my room!
Anny: Do you have to study out loud?
Me: You know what? Ni bu hao! ("you are not good")
Anny: Shut up, you sound like Atilla the Hun.

Says she who spent the 15 minutes prior to this conversation narrating the Pokemon game she was playing on her gameboy. So instead of studying for Chemistry, I used my book as a pillow and watched Gossip Girl. I'm going to comment on it because I'm bored and maybe me talking about it will make the show survive longer. Eh, maybe.

Okay, so kind of anti-climactic...though I guess any time a show returns after two months, the returning episode will always fall short of people's expectations. I forgot a lot of what happened last episode, the Dan and Iowa teacher thing. That was the biggest cliffhanger of all, and the follow-up on that was just okay.

I forgot a lot of the Chuck and secret club thing, too. I thought more would happen with that besides Chuck realizing he belongs with Blair, yeah, it's getting really old. I stopped caring about Blair and Chuck a few months ago. They beat that story to death.

Favorite quote: "It's hard seeking revenge when your enemy keeps changing every five minutes!"

Now trying ot remember why I decided to talk about this in the first place...oh, right, because I was bored. ^_^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pi Day Article Babblethon!!

This is the exact text I have typed into an actual word document on my actual flash drive. I can't think of anything for this article, so I started a write-or-die style babblethon. Eased my frustration a little, but didn't do much for the progress of my actual article. Anyway, it amused me and I haven't posted in a while, so here is what you could technically call a pre-first draft of my Pi Day article for the paper. Everything including the upcoming title was taken from my original.

Why did I have fun writing this?

In the middle of the pie distributing chaos on March 13…was a better lead to this already pathetic article. Hopefully.

March 14, or 3.14, is Pi Day. Although not a nationally recognized holiday, Pi Day is a tribute to the number and Greek symbol that has helped mathematicians calculate the areas of circles for years. Circles are round. Pies are round. The resemblance goes further than just the name. (Facepalm. I sound like a lobbyist for the department of math and baked goods.)

Mu Alpha Theta celebrated Pi Day by selling pies to raise money to pay their way to states [when? Find this out!]

This year Pi Day had to be celebrated on March 13, subsequently Friday the 13, because the real
Pi Day, 3.14, is on a Saturday. (Snore. I’m putting myself to sleep.)

Some of the kinds of pie sold on Pi Day is a fact I have to ask about still. They sell out of these kinds the fastest, and I still have to ask about that, too.
How long have we been celebrating Pi Day? Why? No one I asked knows the answer to this.

Pi Day increases number awareness. Many teenagers aren’t aware of the numbers that affect their lives every day, and this ignorance is only the fault of the school systems. Number awareness is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Every teenager can name the number one singer on Billboard’s 100 but how many can recite Pi to the tenth significant digit?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Pi Day takes the first leap to unifying the school with fattening desserts and a good ol’ repeating decimal. Nothing transmits the message of unity quite like a never ending decimal, and here’s why.

A never-ending decimal reminds us of how many people share this world with us and how insignificant we actually are when you look at the big picture. Teenagers are too self-centered, but pi shows them that they really are nothing.

Pi will never end, just like the universe will never end and the number of universes will never end and the number of dimensions that hold infinite universes will never end. And we’re just some tiny people who live for a tiny portion of time on a tiny speck of the universe. That’s a sobering thought. Pi can make you sober. Pie can make you fat.

The actual distribution of pie on Pi Day is chaotic. Pie is spread out across tables lines up in front of the cafeteria. (Talk about what else happened, so far the usable info in here is the word-count equivalent to the ingredient list on Cap’N Crunch)

The End.

((Yes, I am crazy. It doesn't matter because no one reads my blog anyway. If you're reading this, here's a hug and a huge thank you. Okay, back to writing my real article. Meh. I hate this topic. More worthy of a blurb and a picture than an actual article. I love Pi Day, but how much can you say about it?))

Love, Juliana

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nostalgia Critic, Doug, Bluetooth, and Posters, not in that order.

My friend showed me this hilarious guy called the nostalgia critic. His videos make fun of old movies, TV shows, video games, stuff like that. This one's about Nicktoons, and I was laughing so hard my sister came in and was like, "What is so funny? I can hear you across the hall!" It's especially funny if you know the shows, but some of them I didn't watch much and still thought his comments were funny.

What else is going on...nostalgia critic wiped out my mind. Oh, I have one.

Ever been in a store and people are walking around with those Bluetooth phone things in their ears having the loudest conversations, usually ones that I would not want to have in a crowded store, and the first thing you think when you see them is "Who are they talking to?" They talk extra loud so their voice reaches the microphone and you can hear them three aisles over in the grocery store. One woman was screaming "And you said you loved me, but you never meant it! I thought you had matured but you haven't!" Dude, come on. Have that conversation in a private location, not the middle of the produce aisle. Very few conversations are middle-of-the-produce-aisle conversations.

My dad's college roommate is staying over, so I'm sharing my sister's room. I'm sitting on her bed right now, and I never noticed before how her posters are organized so specifically by fandom. The Spongebobs are together in one corner, Tokio Hotel next to that, Avatar, Pirates of the Carribean, Twilight, and the Jonas Brothers. Each one has a specific section on her wall, but in between them are so really random pictures like a chihuahua in the middle of the Pirates pictures. 3-foot Edward Cullen poster is freaking me out, though. It's like you walk in and BAM, vampire face.

One more thing: remember the show "Doug" on Nickelodeon? Nostalgia Critic talks about it. Did you know Disney had a version of "Doug" that came out after Nick's that was the same characters just drawn by a different artist? I have to research this, and I'm going to do another post about it. I remember watching Disney's "Doug" when I was in 4th grade and thinking, "how could Disney take this from Nickelodeon? They don't usually have the same shows." I'm interested...I will research. I think Nick's intro was better, but that's the only thing I remember that was different about them. I mostly watched the original Nickelodeon version.