Monday, August 25, 2008

Two Socks

Too many annoying people, not enough socks to shove in their mouths.

Sorry, that was really negative. Seriously, though, I was put in a group in English today with this guy from my Biology class last year. "Jackass" offers the closest description, though you can't get the full experience unless you meet him yourself. Surprisingly, and yet, not so surprisingly, he's Mr. Popularity. Everyone loves him, unless they're just good actors. He said something like "glad that teacher died from cancer, I didn't want to get his class. Too much work." Then he insulted him, listed the ugliest girls in our grade, and complimented himself, his awesome personality, his "perfect abs," his great teeth...among so many other things. He rattled off the cruel jokes for the entire class period. I mean, he talked for the entire block, non-stop. Plus, he makes these obnoxious facial expressions. I wanted to slap him. I was biting my tongue to keep from saying, "Shut up! Nobody wants to hear a list of places you have to shave to wear a Speedo! I know you like to hear yourself talk, but that doesn't mean we all do!"

Rant one terminated. Enter rant two. This girl in my newspaper offense to her or whatever, but she's sock number two for a reason. We had to do this project where we cut sections of newspapers (headings, bylines, captions) and glue them to these boards for each category. I didn't explain that right, but say there was a board for headings, and everyone has to glue their heading there. Okay, simple enough, but there were 30 people and 3 glue sticks. CHAOS. To add to the chaos, one of the editors was like Miss Almighty and kept barking "YOU HAVE 12 MINUTES LEFT PEOPLE! WE HAVE A DEADLINE!" "10 MINUTES LEFT, WHY ISN'T ANYONE MOVING??" One Freshman asked here where the glue was. In this irritating sarcastic tone, she said, I don't know, figure it out!" She continued barking orders and counting down the minutes, sometimes she went to seconds. 2 minutes 59, 2 minutes 58...yeah, annoying. The point is we don't need an alarm clock, we need glue. I know it was a lesson in deadlines blah, blah, blah but I would hope we would be more prepared with supplies for the real newspaper. If we're not, I think a little affirmative action is in order. Tense atmosphere that class is. My friend advised me to give her the warning glare next time. I'll try that.

In newspaper, also my old English classroom, I noticed the boxes of Romeo and Juliet books in the corner. I remembered last year in English when me and my friends M and T were boxing them for our teacher. One of the boxes says "Packaged by T...or was it?" That made me happier--I remember when he wrote that. I had forgotten about it and how excited he was to get to label the boxes. Due to, uh, complications (not that I would explain, but it would be a ridiculously long story if I did), I haven't seen him much this year. I actually miss him. He was always endearingly quirky and happy in his own little world.

I'm resolving not to rant so much anymore. Today was a special occasion.


  1. Newspaper is going to be a looooong year isn't it? Seriously I was right with you when you wanted to shove a sock in Jenna Berger's mouth. no one likes her and obviously she only likes certain people. I said something in a FCAT room once in 10th grade, wasn't talking about her or too her and she whips her head around and starts bashing what I'm saying. Obviously she is unhappy with herself. Just be glad she isn't the HEAD editor.
    You can't tell anyone and I doubt people for np read this but I might be leavin NP in December. Depends how much I can take, if not than I'm taking my senior privilege and leaving on day 2's. I'm waiting to see how it goes before first deadline....

    one more thing, what teacher died from cancer? Thats awful of that kid. I want to know who he is so I can tell him a piece of advice lol.

  2. Oh, good. Glad it's not just me who thinks she's annoyingly controlling.

    Aww newspaper's too much? But you're one of the few editors who doesn't have that obvious superiority complex (no offense to everybody). If you leave on day 2s, you'll still be out of newspaper then right?

    Don't know if it's true or not but he said it was Mr. Taboada. I had his wife for math last year so I know he has cancer, but I think they'd say something if it really was true. Still, Stefan's an idiot for saying it.