Friday, August 1, 2008

"Mind-blowingly Inappropriate"

Woah how long has it been since I posted anything on my Communist Cow? I have to make up for that. More Communist Cow pictures to come soon!

I was flipping channels last night and I found this show (I guess it's a show) called I love the 80's: 3-D. This particular one was about 1989. Really cool especially since I like 80's stuff.

I took this picture in Los Angeles, specifically, West Hollywood, California. I thought it so cute it warranted a picture. I love the color scheme and the little blue Volkswagon delivery car. I wasn't totally sure what it was, but the website says it's "your supermarket that delivers!"

I'm dissappointed that I didn't take a picture of the "Gossip Girl" billboards in LA! You know, the ones with Serena and Nate that say "OMFG." Actually, there are some with Chuck and Blair that say the same thing. That whole metro area highway is lined with these GG ads. I meant to get a picture. Wah. I'm just going to borrow one from Flickr, I have to illustrate my point somehow. (This picture was made and uploaded by "tonythisismusic" and I got it from Flickr.)

Those are the ones I saw, but there are more that I like even better. Click on the link. I love how they took the critics' negative comments and used them to promote it instead. There's this big controversy about the ads right now--evidently, the Parent's Television Council is armed with pitchforks and torches. I think that's half the show's attraction.

Seriously, though, when I first heard about "Gossip Girl" I was like "I have too much self-respect to watch that." My friend talked me into it, and it's claimed a weekly spot on my TiVo. So addictive.

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