Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stress over!

I found my Government book! Well, I found the girl who mistakenly took my Government book. She promised to bring it back to me tomorrow. One less thing I have to think about now. Yay!

My Chemistry teacher didn't seem so bad. A little tense, maybe, but I actually liked her. Maybe she's saving her true colors for once we get to know her, but if she lasted the whole hour-and-45-minutes without flipping out, she can't be as bad as I was expecting.


  1. Who do you have for Chem?
    I had McMahan and LOVED her..

  2. I know, everyone said McMahan is really good. I have Cozzi, and I've been warned by a bunch of people.

  3. ooooh poor you! Cozzi is rumored to be CRAZY and so I feel for you. Seriously she is bipolar so she'll go off on random people..