Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where were you in '62?

I watched the first 30 minutes of American Graffiti this morning, and I honestly have no idea what it's about. It's set in 1962, and there's this group of friends who graduated from high school and are just hangin out around their cars, I guess. Every scene in this movie either has somebody in a car, standing next to a car, or offering someone a ride in their car. They're constantly talking about cars, and there's this one guy who's been driving since the opening credits ran, but he doesn't seem to be going anywhere in particular. Watch the trailer below--you'll see what I mean.

The 60's slang makes it even funnier. "We're heading to the hop" and "If you're brains were dynamite, you wouldn't be able to blow your nose!" My absolute favorite line that had me laughing out loud was "Go kiss a duck, marblehead!" The guy he said it to took great offense. This might have been a good topic for my retro blog.

I went to the grocery store this morning and we got Fudgees! I'm going to do an article on them when I get a chance to take pictures. I passed the Banana Split Oreos today and they are now on sale. The tag said, "surprisingly low price!" Not kidding.

I went to a party that the library staff threw for the teen volunteers. It was nice of them to do that. I got community service and everything. Anyway, I have no social skills, so I either people-watch or eavesdrop on other conversations. I found this group of three girls who looked intriguing, so I sat near them and listened, all the while pretending to be watching the kids playing DDR. This one girl wearing all black was talking about how she keeps dead rats in her freezer. I was not disappointed that I picked them.

American Graffiti Trailer. See what I mean about the cars?

Thought for the day: The big toe doesn't like flip-flops because it separates him from his friends.
--indirect quote from this morning's "Family Circus" comic

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