Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Greek girls do not lose their pants!"

I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 today and IT IS SO CUTE!! I knew it would be good when our local newspaper's movie critic ripped it apart. Their critic is such a cynic. I can't trust anything he says.

Anyway, they said Traveling Pants 2 was too reliant on adult themes and star-power to sell the story, and they said the pants didn't appear enough. I totally disagree there. This movie was a good sequel because it was different from the first one. The movie represented the books well, though I do have minor issues with the way they handled the Bridget-visiting-her-grandmother thing. Sequels aren't meant to be as good as the originals anyway. They're meant to be follow-ups.

The first one was much more emotionally involving. I mean who didn't cry when *possible spoiler* Bailey died? This one was more "fluffy," more fun. I think that's the way it should be. One review I read compared it to "Sex and the City" where the characters don't talk as much. Nothing against SATC, but no. Just, no.

I could relate to the sequel more than the first, being one who has sort of lost touch with my three best friends once we went to different schools. In the beginning scene in the fitness studio where Lena and Bridget talk about the archeological dig, and Carmen's like "why didn't you tell me?"...I know that feeling well. I empathize with Carmen, and I totally understand her hating e-mail relationships.

Changing the subject momentarily, I went to the beach this morning! So pretty, the water was like turquiose-colored and there were all these cute little black-and-yellow striped fish everywhere. I saw this one fish about a foot long that was green-blue with a yellow tail.

Some people just shouldn't wear bikinis, especially these older women you see who just can't pull it off anymore. When you get to a certain age, you really need to think about covering it up a little. If they insist on it, I advise them them to at least get one in the correct size. I can't figure out which looks worse: too big or too small.

Interview with the cast of Traveling Pants. It looks much better in high-definition, here. Click on "watch in high-quality" under the view count. I love the cast. I mean, I TiVo "Gossip Girl" and "Ugly Betty" every week. Alexis Bledel's show "Gilmore Girls" is my all-time favorite TV show (if you never noticed, I post a lot of "Gilmore Girls" clips on here), and Amber Tamblyn looks exactly like my school best friend, which I've always thought was cool.

Oops, long post. Well, I have been waiting for this movie since May. =]

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