Friday, August 29, 2008

Third Rock from the Sun!

You know that guy and girl you always see coming into class after the bell, the guy with that goofy smile and the girl giggling profusely? Here's a tip for them. Yeah, you don't have to make excuses, we all know what you were doing. Oh, the guy in this was actually my best pal ever, Mr. Personality, from English. I already ranted about him this week.

In my 6th period last year, these two (a different two than from English) would always come in late every class, but the place they'd go was visible from the classroom window. They pretended they didn't know that.

Here's "Third Rock from the Sun," a seriously underrated sitcom about four aliens who come to Earth as humans to observe human life and have to figure out how to be human.

Embedding on this was disabled. I love the very first clip and the thing with the pumpkin. Those always make me laugh.

The joke at 1:40 is that this actor played the minister in Footloose, and he thought dancing was evil (John Lithgow definitely wasn't typecast).

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