Monday, August 4, 2008

The DMV is an Unholy Place

I got my permit this morning! Around 10:20, to be exact. I can legally drive a car now! I'll tell you, though, those people at the DMV don't represent driving proudly at all. They all talk in this monotone and i think they actually make a special attempt to mispronounce names. They called me Gillian about four times. Not that I care, but "Juliana" doesn't even look like "Gillian." There's a very obvious "u" sound in there. So funny.

My dad said the building looks exactly the same as it did when he went for his licence in the 70's, with the exception of the computers. I didn't like sticking my head into the eye test machine. I couldn't help but think how many sweaty people put their heads in there. Ick.

I am very happy to say that I wrote a scene for my book that I had been avoiding forever, too afraid to write it. The story needed it there, and I couldn't work around it anymore, so I made myself write it down. It turned out decent! (Don't worry, it's nothing bad. As you can tell from my blog, I like to keep things light and happy, avoiding tragedy and intense emotion. That stuff's hard for me to write.) I was actually happy with it and had fun writing it. Amazing what happens when I just write what's in my head without second guessing myself. Now I've gotta work up the courage to let someone read it. As of now, the whole story is going to the grave with me.

Besides my permit this morning, another uninspiring day, so I will share with you the view from my dorm room at newspaper camp last week:

A cemetery. The picture is skewed because I was afraid that if I walked onto the balcony thing to take the picture, it would collapse and I would fall seven stories to my death in the cemetery below. The balcony didn't strike me as stable. Ironically, the name of my building was "Oceanview Hall."

To conclude, here's a picture of a goat my sister took, because goats always lighten the mood. I can't exactly end with a picture of a cemetery. =]


  1. I seriously just burst out laughing when I saw the cemetery. It seems that I'm not the only one who finds the name of the place ironic and is telling everyone I meet.
    Congrats on the permit! I remember getting mine and then learning how to drive. OMG what fun... My dad made me drive for the first time, on the turnpike to Orlando from WPB while he slept in the about scary!!!
    I had to follow a semi truck the entire time and it kept swerving, so it looked like I was drunk. Very thankful the cops never pulled me over.

  2. Oh my god are you serious? The turnpike?? Wow, I give you a lot of credit. I'm really afraid to drive. That's why I've been putting off getting my permit for so long :/