Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're definitely wise morons.

In newspaper the other day, we were talking about why the sophomores hate the freshmen so much. These are my thoughts: how can you have such a superiority complex when you were a freshman only two months ago? I think it's hilarious when sophomores parade their "seniority" over the freshman. It's just so pointless. It's like preschool where the Pre-K 4 kids condescend the Pre-K 3's on the playground. It's nice that we're still young enough to be to frivolous, to think that two months really makes any difference at all. I <3 the freshmen. I make a point to be extra nice to them because I don't want their first few months to suck as much as mine did.

Last year, I mostly mocked the sophomores, "wise morons" they are, and patronized them a bit. If this is what makes them feel important, then okay. This year, it's mostly mocking.

As my math teacher says, "The only time a number isn't rational is if it's irrational. Unless it's imaginary..." Hmm, kind of like people.

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