Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Twilight Babbling

I have come to the sad realization that I am an incredibly slow reader.

I didn't post yesterday, as you can tell, because I was reading New Moon! No, my Borders shipment didn't come >.< but I was tired of waiting. I'm not going to have time once school starts next week, so I went to the supermarket and bought the whole series, 25% off each. If I was any less of a lady, I would say, "Screw you, Borders!" but it's really me who's getting screwed over: I'm out 12 bucks and I have less than a week left to read three books. At my rate, I'll be lucky to get through eclipse.

So far, I love the series. It's superficial fluff, which is so much fun to read. There is no depth to Edward or Bella's characters (or their love, for that matter) but I still love reading about them, and I still love Edward. If this was real life, I would think Edward to be arrogant. Oh, well. How many times do you get to use the phrase "sexy vampire" in the real world?

My friend M. and I were talking about how Stephenie Meyer lives vicariously through Bella, uses her as a vehicle to convey her romantic fantasies. Can you picture this coming up in a fight between her and her husband? They get a little angry with each other, and he impulsively blurts out, "Well, I guess I'm no vampire!" I can totally picture this. I'm sure he's considered this theory of "the Bella vehicle" at least once.

I feel like an obnoxious Twilight fangirl for posting this, but I have a comment. =] I don't picture Bella looking like that. The actress, Kristin Stewart, definitely pulls off the contemplative thing, but she doesn't look like the kind of person who spends an exorbitant amount of time wallowing in self-pity. Bella wallows.

I shouldn't get sucked into this cult, but whatever. I gave up on my attempts to be a non-conformist long ago. It took to much energy.

I don't want to end with Twilight, so...
We went to this diner for breakfast this morning after my optometrist appointment (my left eye has gotten worse, gah), and our waitress looked exactly like Cynthia Nixon! I was fighting the urge to tell her. Well, that and snap a picture, but I didn't think she would have appreciated it much.

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  1. You should have asked her if she was related to Cynthia Nixon lol. She might have considered it a compliment, depending on what era of SATC she looked like she was from.
    I was in Chicago on the subway coming from Wrigley Field about 2 years ago and this woman who looked EXACTLY like Jennifer Aniston was next to me and I stared at her for the entire 20 min she was on there. Only problem with my theory of Ms. Aniston riding the subway was that it was a whole group of lesbians coming back from some ceremony thing and I was on the wrong train...