Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why does sock guy come out unscathed?

Today was a pretty happy day. I got to go to lunch (long story) and newspaper wasn't too painful. Speaking of newspaper...

Someone in newspaper interviewed my friend about the bowling team, and he's one of those people that everyone absolutely hates. I have never met anyone who didn't have something to say about him. For sure, he has more enemies than friends and neutral aquaintances combined, and some of that he brings on himself (he doesn't always know when to stop talking), but I don't think he's as annoying as everyone says.

I mean, at the mention of his name, three sophomores grabbed chairs and circled around to exchange grievances about him. They come up with really uninspired rumors. It's funny though how much they hate him. If you look past his obvious quirks, he has a lot of his own opinions on things, he's interesting, and is actually a pretty decent person (especially for a 15 year old boy). When he gets in an argument with his haters, his comebacks are so funny and true that I'm like, "Maybe this guy's not as bad as everyone says." And he really isn't.

Hold on, I'm getting to the actual point.

Weirdly, the people who bash him and make up rumors about him are the people who think Stefan, my much-loved sock guy, is brilliant and poetic. Yes, I'm using his name. Doesn't matter anymore.

Stefan needs to get his butt kicked, or at least a strongly-worded lecture. The people who hate my friend don't see anything wrong with Stefan listing the girls who look ugly without make-up. They don't notice when he's so disrepectful to our English teacher that it leaves him speachless. (I've felt so bad that I almost went to the teacher and apologized for him). They don't notice when he makes fun of people who died. My friend might be annoying, but he doesn't do that. He's the extroverted math nerd kind of annoying, not the obnoxious party boy who...just isn't like Stefan. When you become like that, you can't fall much further. Strangely, a lot of people see nothing wrong with him. If you can tolerate Stefan, you can't call anyone annoying. I almost asked them. That would be an interesting poll.

I can probably name 10 other "Stefan-esque" people at my school with bad attitudes and/or ugly souls that are absoulutely adored.

I think one of the reasons I respect their much-hated math nerd is because he and I hate the same people. Sure, he may bother you, but doesn't high school have enough jerks you can kick around? Why not ignore him? He means well. Why pick the one that's already socially isolated and out of your way? Oh right, because you're sheep. No one dares mention the Stefan-esque kids' names unless in the context of "is Jesus reincarnated." He has friends, he has credibility. Mess with him, and you'll become the new "hated one" that the newspaper kids gossip about.

Of course, that doesn't stop shy Juliana from death glaring at "the holy one." As one of my freshman newspaper friends told me, I have a really good death glare.

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