Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ed Westwick to Ed Cullen

Guess what? I saw Twilight again on Friday! My cousins wanted to go. This time, since I already knew what was coming, I focused on the dialogue more. Wow...the first time, it didn't strike me how awkward it was. This time, I was slinking down in my chair. Really, though. Twilight is probably the worst movie I've ever loved. It actually wasn't as bad the second time, now that I was expecting it. It's really growing on me. So is Rob, I like him better now than I did last week.

You know who would make a really good Edward Cullen? Ed Westwick. They would have do some work on his look to make him fit the part appearance-wise, but his mannerisms are very Edward. I think his acting would fit the part really well. He's British, too, but he does an amazing American accent. I didn't know he was British until I heard him in a "Gossip Girl" promo speaking normally.

This girl in newspaper keeps telling me that I look like Idina Menzel. We were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and she was on a float, so I mentioned it, and my dad flipped. "Oh my God you look just like her! Stand next to the TV, I wanna compare!" Maybe I look a little like her. I take it as a compliment because she's pretty. I'm for sure not as pretty as her. We might look a little more alike if I didn't have gaps in my teeth like a third grader.

Speaking of which, these three teeth that I'm missing were supposed to come in over a year ago, and I foung out yesterday that if they don't, I have to get surgery on it or I'll start getting sinus infections and all these problems. Excellent. Knock on wood for me though. I don't want surgery.



  1. i keep telling people the same thing. ed definitely looks more like edward, and probably would not be so terrified of his own fangirls as cedric is. but who can expect ced to have a good grip on reality, i mean, he died over a decade ago...