Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Newspaper x_x

I would write five articles for this issue is someone else would do the interviewing for me. Actually, if someone would design my page and do my interviews, I would write ten articles. Gah, I hate newspaper sooo much. I have to write an article in two days, no big deal, but I have to get interviews. Terrified.

And I hate In Design. And designing pages. And the people in my class who talk to me like I'm four. I'm never going into journalism, though I hope I get over my fear of talking to people by the time I get a real job. Ahh I can't do this again. If I could just interview freshmen and sophomores, I'd be fine, but I need juniors and seniors for this!! Ah, I can't do it.

They didn't say I need interviews, but getting by talking about holiday food without more quotes than just the Russian girl in my government class and my little quote from the principal probably won't go over well. I talked to more people than that, but the rest wouldn't help me! GAHHH.

At least there's diagnostics again tomorrow. I miss morning classes and get to sleep. Tiny silver lining in my hellish newspaper-centric next week. Sigh, at least once it's over, it's Thanksgiving.

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