Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anecdote to offset all the politics >.>

These guys in newspaper were cutting out pictures of girls in bikinis and taping them to the wall in the corner by the computers. There were a bunch of those, one angled for a straight shot down Jessica Simpson's shirt, one topless pregnant 20-something-year-old girl (I couldn't figure out what that one was advertising), two dead fish, one cartoon turkey, and a coke bottle. Oh, and a pyramid of cats.

I was cracking up. One of them was bribing me to say "Jessica Simpson is hot." I told him I'm staying out of it, and he thought I was just being homophobic. Actually, I didn't say anything because I couldn't decide if I thought she was hot or not. I probably wouldn't have said it out of principle anyway, even if it was a guy. Maybe if it Chase Crawford I'd say it.


  1. say it with them now, Jessica Simpson is hot LOL. It was probably Owen, I miss that guy!

    NOOOOOOOOOO WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EDWARD LEAVES?!!?!? AGGGGH WHY?! I was reading it on the bus ride home and seriously I got to that part and I was all, "WTF WHY!? NO!!" and these people turned and looked at me. Greeeeat.

  2. Actually, it was Justin who said that but Owen was cutting out the pictures. He said, "If you say it, I will never force you to write an article in my section." Haha.

    I told you the beginning makes people mad! It gets really good at the end though. Nobody likes the second because Edward leaves. Stick with it, you know he comes back because there are two more books! =]