Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy birthday to me!!

I will be 16 in 2 hours and 40 minutes from the timestamp on this post. My birthday was happy. Taylor and Tyler from math made me a card (soo nice of them because we haven't talked about birthdays in a long time, but Taylor still remembered. I also never knew Tyler cared, but he wrote in it, too. It's always nice to know that people think of you, especially when you don't expect it.

Kelsey got me a penguin-shaped stress ball for my birthday! That was such a highlight. I've been showing it to people all day going, "Isn't this adorable?" M said it was so appropriate for me. Haha, yeah it is.

My Spanish teacher handed me a nice birthday present: two 90s on last week's quizzes. That put me in a good mood. I needed at least that to protect my sanity.

In other news, election day today, huh? This will be interesting. I think people know who I want, though I've avoided talking about it for the last few months because people automatically assume that I hate the other guy. I don't. We all know who's going to win, whether the republicans want to admit it or not. He's going to have a huge mess to clean up when he gets in, and God bless him for wanting that job. I'm going to trust him and believe that he'll do the right thing because he seems like a good guy. Anyway, some fresh blood might be good for the U.S. I just hope he can handle it.

Okay, talking politics is dangerous, so moving on to "Gossip Girl." Much less controversial, unless you're the Parents TV council who tried to shut it down this year. Grr, I won't let them do that.

Okay, last night's episode. The thing with Blair using the dean's friend's daughter to get into Yale was funny, especially when she realized she was dealing with a mini version of herself.

And Jenny and Nate...I know they are supposed to be two years apart in the show, but Chase Crawford does not look 17. Especially standing next to 15-year-old Taylor Momsen, he shows all 23 years. I think the age difference is glaring...although I wouldn't mind being in Taylor's place ^_~ In the end of the episode, Dan (Jenny's brother) finds out, yells at Nate, and Nate says "She's a sophomore, I'm a senior. Don't act like I'm some creepy older guy." Hehe, well looks can be deceiving, budddy.

Oh and Jenny's fashion show? That was awesome.

Sigh. How long did I just babble about "Gossip Girl?" I have to much time on my hands. Actually I don't. I put off Chemistry homework for that. ^^ Bye!

Love the almost 16-year-old Juliana =]

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    In the next election (really, did I have to start that already) you can vote!

    Now, go beg your parents for a car like any good 16 year old. :)