Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I feel accomplished for some reason.

Brace yourself for a little newspaper babbling.

My fabulous partner with the great work ethic decided to ditch me on deadline day and not come to school. She better have one hell of an excuse, but then again, she wasn't much help the days she did show up.

I was teamed up with A (and didn't know this until I had finished it, but third group member V) to design a page for the newspaper. We planned to work on it at lunch in order to have it all done by the end of class today. We had class time to work on it, and last class, she decides she doesn't feel like helping me. "I can't help you today" is not the kind of thing you want to hear when you have two days to design a page using a software you've never used before. Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing.

Yesterday, we got nothing done because she decided our lunch time was a good time to get anal about the box proportions. Me: "Yeah, A, not such a priority right now First we have to figure out what goes in the boxes." Today she didn't show up. Excellent.

Me on this software was like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, but I am so happy that my blind attempt was close! My teacher told me it was one of the best pages she'd seen all day! *Deep sigh of relief* I had no idea if I was doing it right. For all I knew, I was way off base. I mean, when Ms. Editor Almighty looked at it yesterday, she cringed and made a face. (She wasn't in school today either <3)

I put all these pictures in and spent all this time screwing around with photoshop. Then I found out in the last 20 minutes of class that it wasn't my job. My teacher said "Oh, nice, who did this for you?" Oops. Actually, all that was V's job. She never told me it was her job. She said she didn't know how to do it, but I never realized she was supposed to know how to do it.

One thing I didn't do right: I couldn't figure out how to do a "clip path." The button wasn't working, I placed and adjusted and re-edited the picture and it still didn't work. It wouldn't work for my teacher either. Now it looks too boxy and there are two gaps in the page margin where the picture overlaps. Wah, now I'm going to get grief about it (and about V drawing in corrections with a ballpoint pen, not my fault).

I want my teacher (and all the editors who think they're better than me) to know that I do work! I'm not a stupid staff writer who can't do anything right, and if I'm really just not cut out for this, it's not because I don't try.

The "my section" girl went off on a hilarious rant during lunch about the stupid staff writers who don't belong in newspaper. She said something to the effect of only the editors should write articles and the rest of us should get page jobs. ^_^ I never cease to be amused. On impulse, I almost told her to shut up.

Oh, this other freshman held her own to an editor and actually said, "None of you took the time to come ask me about my article, so this is what I have for you. If you had something else in mind, you should have told me earlier." I almost high-fived her. I did tell her how great that comment was and that I totally agree.

I'm on Thanksgiving break! Yay! Smiles. Oh and if you want to see a commercial for pudding flavored fruit roll-ups from 1987, it's on my other blog. Linkety Link.

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  1. Want to do my page for me?!
    I have NO artistic talent whatsoever. Seriously Mrs Russo tells me everytime that my page is boring, but I don't care! It's NEWS, tell me how it's supposed to be exciting!

    You're absolutely not stupid and I appreciate that you work. Seriously this class is a joke, I'm really considering dropping it after Christmas and going to get an internship somewhere, where they actually Do real newspaper things. This class has too much drama in it!

    Happy (almost) Turkey day!!