Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Musings

Okay, these are my opinions on the election, our new president and why I wasn't siding with him for the end of his campaign. Respect my opinions because I need to get this out. I haven't been talking about it to avoid confrontation and mostly because my political views aren't so one-sided that's it's worth making my friends mad at me over.

Okay, nothing against Obama or anyone who voted for him, but these are the things that made me lean toward McCain:

~His tax plan isn't likely to succeed in the long run. It's a great idea to take money from the people who have a lot and give it to the people who have a little--in a perfect world. What about the drug-addicted deadbeat alcoholic who spent the last of his savings on meth? He's going to get free money. People actually worked for their money (maybe not all honestly, but there are some who are honest and earn it) are going to have to give more of it away to Obama so he can pay the meth addict.

In the end, that won't help the economy anyway because the people who receive the tax break probably won't spend it and put it back into the economy. They would probably save it. I mean, I'd save it. My parents would save it. In the end, that would burrow us deeper into a recession, and he will end up having to tax the middle class more anyway.

Meanwhile, the small business that got screwed in the tax plan will all die, and the big business owners will have to start firing people.

~If we threw in the white flag in Iraq now, when we're almost done, all those guys who died there would have died for nothing. War sucks, and I've been saying forever that we have to stop it and that it's stupid, but at this point, all these years later, the guys who volunteered to fight and died for America...I don't think all that should be for nothing. They shouldn't die in vain.

And we'd leave the entire Iraq devastated but the people still live in fear of terrorism. That's like taking a broken car, offering to fix it, taking it all apart, then leaving it and saying "yeah, we give up." That would just make it worse!

I'm being controversial, but just respect my opinion on that one, okay?

~A ridiculous number of people voted for Obama because of his race, and that's just ignorant. It's great that he's African-American, it's about time we had a black president, but that doesn't mean you ignore everything he stands for and focus solely on his lineage. That bothers me so much. If they actually like him for his views, that's different, but I've talked to people who have no idea what his views are.

~Another group voted for him because he's young, thin, and charismatic. That was my initial attraction to him. A few months ago, I was set on choosing Obama over McCain. He's an amazing speaker, and he presents himself very presidentially. But if he were an old, short, stocky, bald man, would he have gotten that many votes? If McCain looked like Kennedy, would the Republicans have gotten more support?

~HIS ADVERTISING. That was inappropriate. There's a line between politician and celebrity, and I think our new president has blurred it.

Ahh, now that that is off my chest. I haven't talked about this to anyone really because I don't like being political, and I really don't hate Obama. We disagree on a few things, and if I could vote, I would have voted for McCain. However, I think I subconsciously always wanted Obama to win because he'd be a cool president.

I just negated my entire post with that hypocritical statement, but the power of his charisma is too strong. It's not his fault either. Any young guy advocating change is going to be popular. I'm trusting him though, and I think he'll do a good job. Hey, he has to be better than Bush.

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