Sunday, November 2, 2008

I will be 16 in 46 hours o.O

I don't even care that I have two newspaper articles to finish for tomorrow because I had the best birthday weekend ever!! Really, and probably the thing that made me happiest was that my friends who didn't know each other got along. I don't think they're that good at pretending, so I'm pretty confident it was genuine pleasantness. It's always happy when your friends like each other, too, right? I've had a lot of friends who hated each other passionately, and that's not fun.

M took the best pictures on Fran's camera and I have to get her to give them to me. The following ones aren't them. They're for illustration purposes.

M got me a bonsai tree (We have this joke about them because there's a random bonsai tree sitting in the hallway at school by my government teacher's room, and we have no idea why.) I love it, it's so cute and so cool that she thought about it. ^^

Since my party was my whole extended family plus three of my friends and my friend's brothers, there were lot of younger kids there, and we expected rain, so my mom decided to get T-shirts and let everybody color on them.

I was all for it because I haven't decorated T-shirts since 5th grade, and it's so much fun! It did rain, and the T-shirts came through once it got too wet/muddy out to play Man Hunt (we're such kids, but I'm holding on to my childhood! I'm not officially 16 until Tuesday!) Ayway, T-shirts:

No last names, so I think I'm okay to post it. I love my shirt! I had a bunch of people sign it. I tried to get everybody.

I wrote the Chinese love symbol better in fabric marker then I do on tests >.> The "ah, seriously? yes, seriously." is a joke about my disbelief and basic freaking about being 16 in two days. The thought process was kind of a rising "16. 16. 16? 16!? NO!!" I don't feel that old! I don't even feel like a "teenager." I was writing the number on the shirt and I started counting years to make sure I wasn't wrong. I don't believe it.

Halloween itself, by the way, was so not disappointing! Maybe best ever. It did my obsession justice. I'm sad it's over though. Next is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Oh, and Fran got me a Twilight poster. Hehe. Another obsession fueled. =]


  1. I'm so glad you had an awesome birthday weekend! I love the shirt, what a good idea.
    Happy (almost) sweet 16!!!
    Oh and I brought someone back with me from Chicago to help share your birthday get to meet him in newspaper :)

  2. YAY! I'm so happy you liked it! That's kind of a strange gift, so...

    And I think your friends are awesome. I had a lot of fun~ Thank you for inviting me!

    And, yes, I'm starting to comment. Mwaha

  3. ^___^ Thanks Kelsey!

    And I <3 the bonsai tree, I wasn't lying! Thank yoou. =]