Saturday, November 15, 2008

More antics from Ms. Editor Almighty

I wrote this yesterday and fell asleep before I got to posting it, so here you are. Just pretend the date stamp is Friday.

Newspaper yesterday was so funny I had to face the computer screen and pretend to be working so il duche wouldn't see me laughing at her.

Our editor-in-cheif yelled for an hour, and it would have been nonstop if it wasn't for the fire drill that she tried to make us skip. Yeah, the fire alarm went off and she goes, "You have got to be kidding me. Okay, nobody leave, just skip it, they'll never know." Our teacher was out, and it took us a few minutes to actually leave.

Another editor got up, and "the great one" yelled at her to sit down. I was cracking up. What kind of power does she have to tell the 30 kids to skip a fire drill because she's in the middle of a rant? Hahaha precious moments.
Once we got back, though, oh boy did she scream. A lot of "What class am I in? Is this newspaper? It doesn't seem like it because nobody wantes to write anything. Fantastic. A staff of 30 and no one has any interest in making a newspaper. I'm going to assign you an article that you don't want to write because you're so apathetic. That's what you get." Every single thing she says is dripping with sarcasm. Always.

Her problem was that we have to many features and not enough news, so we need to come up with more news articles. If I was in charge, I would just convert a news page to a features page and be done, but instead we are coming up with boring and overdone news articles to fill space. I hate filling space. There is so much I would hange if I was in charge. I have ideas, but she scares me so much I'm afraid to say it. They don't have anything to do with school, but they're interesting.

Another thing: Why does all of our news have to do with school? School is boring. High school kids are boring. The real world is so much more interesting than the little bubble we live in where FCAT and scholarships make good news articles.
One of the freshman yearbook kids who were working on computers during our class turned to me and said, "She seems a little bossy." UNDERSTATEMENT, but for an outsider to say that, there's no way I'm crazy.

Seriously, though, I was laughing for the entire class. If I ever yelled like that, I would probably be too embarrassed to show up again. No one can respect her when she throws fits like a toddler. It gives me a good laugh though.

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  1. I'm THRILLED that I wasn't there!
    We were off playing in the snow :)
    I'm going to pretend like my section is the greatest.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is.
    I haven't even STARTED my page yet. And I may skip tomorrow. Sounds like fun!