Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gingerbread House Black Wednesday

9:30 this morning, I couldn't decide what to wear, so I ended up being lazy and watching an "I Dream of Jeannie" rerun (funny, too. She inadvertantly robs a bank). Anny starts yelling:

"I called Michael's [craft store] and they said they only have a few gingerbread houses left, so lets go now before they sell out! If you're not dressed in five minutes, you're not coming." Anny really wants gingerbread houses to build on Thanksgiving at my aunt's. None of the supermarkets had them.

I don't know what the employee on the phone considers "a few" because they had more gingerbread house kits in two display racks than I've ever seen in my entire life. Good thing we rushed. I wouldn't let her live that down for the rest of the day. XD It wasn't her fault, but she really yelled at me for not getting dressed fast enough.

Oh, and I watched the first part of American Pie: Band Camp this morning (channel surfing), and wow...that is STUPID. I think my IQ dropped. Never seen the original one and never really had a major interest, but now I probably never will. Watching that was totally not connected to me making apple pie for Thanksgiving this afternoon. o_o That one was Anny's choice, but the irony wasn't lost on me. Is it irony or coincidence? Meh. I'm too tired for literary devices.

I found the best Twilght review that I've read so far! Read this, it has all of my opinions plus a few others I wish I'd thought of myself. Really good review.

Happy Thanksgiving! About an hour to go, I think.

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