Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some rambling about my day

Spent four hours writing a newspaper article yesterday and through lunch today that nobody's going to read anyway, and in class today I found out that it's not over...looks like I have another four hours of work to do on this. Part of which includes me interviewing a police department guy. Fan-freakin-tastic.

I did realize something writing this article: I can't write news. I've never actually done it before. I used to write satire for my middle school newspaper, and my speeches for Speech class were laden with opinion. The weird thing is I don't even care about the driving age! I have no opinions on it, yet I couldn't not editorialize. I think it's the only way I know how to be interesting. I think I fixed it. (Sorry, Kelsey, if my article sucks! I don't want to complicate things for you...)

On another note, what's the word for de-disappointment? My school best friend was getting her schedule rearranged today and there was the possibility of her getting switched out of English, the only class we have together. When I got in the room today, she wasn't there. She's usually the first one in. The class started to fill up and she still didn't come, so I assumed she got switched out and commenced my disappointment. I kept hoping she'd show up...then the bell rang. I had about two seconds to be sad about it before she ran through the door.

Funny that today of all days is the one she shows up late. One of those little "the universe is testing me" sorta things.

Happy Thursday! I get to sleep tonight! I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Usually I don't like to cut for the two hours at the library (I'd rather they give me books to shelve. Actually, I like labelling and stamping the books the most!), but today I was so tired that I was happy to sit and cut out "Apple Fun Glasses" for story time. I was sitting with two seniors from my school cutting out the apples, and they were talking about how they read Harry Potter in Spanish and French. I feel stupid. One also told me that I can do my community service project thing there at the library because that's what they did. I'm beyond thrilled about that, too.


  1. okay your article is NOT going to suck. Trust me, I read one today from one girl and I almost laughed out loud after marking through about half of her paper because IT SUCKED SO BAD.
    Just remember, someone is always worse than you are!!!
    Don't stress yourself (Although I'm one to talk...) I can make it sound good if I need to - Its part of my job.
    And guess what? I wrote an article last night, spent all this time on it and it got CUT because there were too many articles in funny is that? the news editor gets her article cut!! I still have to do it for next time though...
    Call me if you need help with anything, I'll even call the guy with you if you want. We can do it at lunch tomorrow in russos room.

  2. You'd really do that? Thank you! Only if you want to, I don't want to make you give up lunch, but I would be thankful.
    And if you haven't read mine yet...I'm still sorry if it's not up to standard.

  3. I'd be happy to help.
    I've been eating lunch in there the last 2 days so I could work on the spreads which take a ton of time.
    It's not like I'm doing anything important during lunch lol.