Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Presidential Playlists

I just noticed that my last post was Friday. That means I haven't had anything interesting to say since last week. I can't rant about my Spanish teacher again, especially since I feel guilty knowing she's got nothing on my friend's French teacher. Poor M got her two years in a row.

Speaking of Spanish, I got to miss it today! Love and hugs for generic standardized tests! Wahoo! They saved my teeth from dramatic clenching as I restrain my anger at both her and the annoying MSE kid who sits behind me. He makes it very clear that he thinks he's a lonely genius in a sea of idiots. I actually did snap at him the other day. He needs to learn patience as well as humility.

Anyway, did you know that John McCain's favorite song is "Dancing Queen?" We were talking about this in government. This is the website we were looking at with Obama and McCain's favorite songs.

I got a 93 on a math test when I was expecting a low B. And tomorrow's a late start. And I got to spend an hour in a quiet test room listing types of pie on the back on my instruction sheet instead of Spanish class! It's a good day. Oh, wait...I forgot Key Lime! How could I forget that one? That's going to bug me. My list is incomplete.

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  1. Thank you for the info on John McCain, now I can sleep at night!! Haha jk. Actually I love that he admits that his number 1 song is Dancing Queen - I like it too! Not my number 1, but still..