Friday, September 19, 2008

Major Epiphany!

Maybe not major, but...

I just found out you aren't supposed to shake a Magic 8 Ball! You're just supposed to turn it gently because when you shake it, the blue liquid inside forms these white foamy bubbles and makes the words hard to read.

My friend Zac's Magic 8 Ball has all those foam bubbles in it, but I thought that it was a combination of age and him using it as a at-home bowling ball. I figured he knocked the dice thing out of place and just messed it up that way.

So don't shake Magic 8 Balls! Mine already has a few bubbles...

In infortunate news, my Spanish grade went down. I wish I could roll over my points from other classes into Spanish. I could easily take three precentage points off every class, add them to Spanish, and have an A in everything. Gah.

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