Friday, September 26, 2008

Hold on, I'll transfer you.

This afternoon, I spent 45 minutes trying to get someone at the police department to let me ask them some questions for my newspaper article. I swear, if I have to hear the phrase, "Hold on, I'll transfer you" one more time...

I called the main line, and they transferred me, then those people gave me a new number to call. That number transferred me, then they gave me a new number to call. That number didn't even work...I get kept getting a fax noise. I called the main line back and they gave me a different number. Turned out to be a directory of detectives. I connected to 4 different detective extensions, and none of them picked up. I left four messages, called the main line back, told the guy how none of his brilliant numbers got me anywhere, and you know what he said? "Well that's all I can do for you." Thank you. This is our government at work.

I did all this in the car waiting for my sister to get out of school. She got in the car, I ranted a little, and she said, "Can I try?" I'm just like, "Be my guest, it can't hurt." THEY TALKED TO HER!! She got vague one-word answers, and the guy hung up before she could get a name or permission to quote them, but she got more than I did in one call then I did in 1700 "transfers." She called back for the name, and they said "I don't know who you spoke with." Seriously, just answer the damn questions people!! It probably would have taken them less time to just answer my questions then to spend all that time on the phone transferring me. I must have called that one place at least six times.

By the way, pep rallies are loud. I never understood exactly what happens at them, but from what I can deduct, they parade out the football players, the cheerleaders dance, and you scream when they say your grade. One of life's mysteries solved.

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  1. I'm so proud of you!! Honestly, I don't think I've ever done anything like that...certainly never called a police department. Although I'm pretty close to calling the makers of the SAT....go figure.
    I can't believe your sister got them to talk to her..did she try and pay them lol.
    Have a good weekend!