Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some people shouldn't be allowed to hold a microphone.

There was an assembly today to choose our classes for next year, and the guidance counselor who was supposed to help us understand it might as well have tapdanced up there for all the help she was. I am so confused. First she rambled on about choosing our electives wisely until some girl asked, "Do IB (the magnet program that I am in) juniors get electives?" She floundered a little (well, um, you see...hold on, let me ask somebody). She didn't know. Isn't that kind of her job? If anyone is supposed to know that, it's her.

Then she told us our one-semester elective has to be an AP class. Then she contradicted it about ten minutes later, saying that we can't take an AP class for only one semester because you need a full year to get credit (and pass the test).

Newspaper was just fabulous. Our goal is to put out four more issues by the end of the year. Yikes. The only editor in that room that I actually like quit the paper (I don't blame her...), so there goes the room's last ounce of sanity. And I'll miss her. Editor Almighty is supposedly quitting, though, too! I was shocked, thought she wsa being expelled for violent death glare or something. She was there today, and made it clear that she keeps her job.

Meh, I'm tired of writing, but I want to tell my library story.

I volunteer in the kids' section of the library, shelving books, cutting paper fish and arranging craft trays for story time, and every time I get an assignment from this one lady, I always have the biggest brandead moment ever.

The first time, they were having a "Magic Tree House" book club day and reading the one about Egypt. Okay, so when I think Egypt, I think the Nile river, boats, water, clay pots, that kind of thing. So when Mrs. B said, "Help the kids make this with their clay," and hed up a hollow brown log thing. I said, "Oh, a canoe," not thinking. She blinked at me and said, "No, a tomb for a mummy. This book's about Egypt." ^_^" Oops. Idiot Juliana moment.

Today, she gave me a stack of new books, and I thought she said, "Take these," so I started to put them away. I was thinking, "Hmm...these look different. I guess it's because they're new." I only put a few YA series on the shelves when I realized...they didn't have tape on the bindings. I went over and said to her, "You said 'tape these' not 'take these' didn't you?" Feeling like an idiot, I realized that's why the tape machine was ON THE CART. ^_^" again. And I LOVE taping the books, so I don't know why I was so spacey.

Then I spent three times as long as I needed to washing trays because I tried to get all the crayon off when I really just had to rinse them with a little soap. This lady thinks I'm like teen volunteer Barbie. She's one of the nicest people ever, though, so I joke about it to her and just try to have more common sense the next time. Hehe. I'm such an airhead.

Ooh, like my new little title thing? I cut out letters from magazines and took a picture. That's what I did on my last day of winter break. Sorry about all the rambling. I was on a roll. =] No more of that, though. I'm sticking to hilights from now on.


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  1. Junior year in IB - I'm buying you a shotgun for the end of the year lol. Although you may actually need that now....

    Guess who will be coming to story time soon? That's right, I'm playing mommy for a while, so we get to do all that fun stuff. So you see, you can tell mrs. russo that I'm hard at work helping my 3 yr old glue together construction paper.

    Oh and 4 issues my ass. I bet they get like 2 done. Seriously I don't give them That much credit. And what exactly was Gabby leaving for? If I can't keep my job title, than she can definitely not be allowed to keep hers.