Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Quick Update

I'm writing an essay about the Powerpuff Girls for English, and this is one of the few times I've written essays for school and gotten writer's block. In what ways to the Powerpuff Girls advocate feminism? I hit a road block. A few things before I fill some space with babble about Mojo Jojo.

Holy croutons, it was cold today. I actually love it. I'm definitely a warm-weather lover, but cold and dreary is nice for a change. I like having some semblance of a winter, even here in the tropics.

GObama, great acceptance speech, hope you're a good President, good luck, and God bless ya. I would not want to take on the responsibility you just accepted. I have to write a newspaper article on the inauguration, by the way.

I'm obsessed with "House." If you've never seen this show, watch it.

I'm less obsessed with "Gossip Girl" now that they're repeating the same drama over and over. Monday's was alright, but either it's losing something or I am.

I'm getting braces tomorrow morning. No use being bitter about it, with all my teeth problems, I'm just glad they're fixable. I need surgery to fix some stuff, and the reason I'm getting braces to late is they were trying to wait and see if the teeth would fix themselves. They didn't, so I need surgery and I'm going to have braces for the rest of high school. I'm going to say it's no big deal, just a little annoying. Just happy I can get it fixed.

I made lemonade and pink cupcakes with pink and purple icing. Instead of doing homework. Ahem. It was worth it though.

Back to the Powerpuff Girls. Here's an interview with Bubbles. It made me laugh. The guy doing the interview (Tom Kenney) is the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

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  1. Sorry I can't help you with the essay, PPG was a little after my time (WOW IM OLD) lol. We were the SPICE GIRLS baby...GIRL POWER!! (okay you were probably like 4 when that saying was popular).

    If it's any help though, I can STILL sing the PPG theme song...

    Good luck with the braces! That wax crap they tell you to put on doesn't really work and yes, they are as annoying as heck at first. You'll adapt to them just fine though :)