Friday, January 16, 2009

Definitely, Maybe

I watched this movie tonight--it's about a little girl whose parents are getting divorced, and she wants her dad to tell her about his past relationships and how he and her mom met. He agrees to tell her the story, detailing his relationships with his three serious girlfriends, but changes their names and makes her guess which one is her mom.

The idea is cute. For the most part, the movie is, too, but it's SLOW. I could never sit through that whole movie again. I thought the clock stopped or something. It seemed to drag on forever, and I really just wanted to know who he ends up with.

Even though it was slow, it was cute enough that I knew the ending had to be good. It was a good ending. It wasn't exactly how I expected it, but I think it was a very good ending. I'm not going to say the ending justifies the hour-and-a-half of slowness, but after sitting through the thing to see how the "mystery" was solved, I wasn't disappointed.

I don't exactly recommend anyone watch it, but if you're ever forced to watch it or really don't mind slow romantic comedies, the whole thing from a "storyline" perspective is very good and has a lot of admirable qualities. I just wish they made it move faster.


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