Sunday, January 4, 2009

More pictures of unrelated topics

Anyone know what a bananofo is? It's nothing! We think it's a banana-powered phone used by bananas. It's this game called Yamodo that I also got from M for Christmas (isn't she nice? She got me all this cool stuff) that gives you made-up words to think about. Then you have to write what you think it is and draw what you think it looks like. You pass it around to everyone you're playing with, and everybody adds something.

Quirkosa: A fish that eats quirks and stores them in a backpack it caries on it's back. It's hunted by the normosa fish who tries to steal it's quirks, and when it does, it becomes a quirkosa.
Otioba: An aluminum tree native to Russia.

Next topic: Corporate competition
Competitors: Chili's and T.G.I. Fridays
Competition: In a high-profile shopping center across the street from the mall, these two menu-similar restaurants sit side-by-side with just enough space to drive a car down the narrow one-way street between them. They don't even need binoculars to spy on their competition through the tinted windows.

Red awning is Friday's. Green is Chili's.

Both restaurants opened up in the same week about two years ago, and the two buildings looks almost identical sans the awnings and signs over the doors. Anny and I laugh about this all the time. We joke that their managers could yell out the windows, "See that? Two more customers walked in! We're beating you, pal!" It's like the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket from Spongebob, but I think the two are both doing well.

Ann and I got gift cards to Sephora for Christmas, so we went in there today. I've probably been in there twice in my life, the two times I've recieved gift cards, because don't use a lot of make-up stuff, but I love the soap that smells like candy and cake.

I got a hot chocolate soap that really does smell like chocolate, and we got these three little bottles that smell like sodas. My favorite was the red licorice one. Twizzlers! I swear.

Ooh, then I went to this Turkey place in the food court to get THE BEST LEMONADE EVER. I'm sure someone out there makes it better, but these guys put strawberries in it, and it's not too sour or sickeningly sweet. They give you 32 ounces (a huge cup) for a dollar. It's $1.07 total when you count tax. Good deal. I rave about that stuff to everybody.

Last topic. Booger candy! Hehe. I got this for M's brother at Blockbuster the other day because I thought it was the funniest thing ever and something a 2nd grade boy would appreciate. I hope he'll think it's funny, and he has friends who might get a kick out of it. I couldn't not talk about this on here.

My dad said, "They feel real? Does that mean the guy who invented this picks his nose?" XD The back says "picked out especially for you." It's one of the grossest candy ideas ever, but pretty darn funny.



  1. Okay you definitely made me want lemonade! I've only been to Lets Talk Turkey like twice and that was to get some Mac and Cheese, but now you've tempted me into getting their lemonade. My Chic Fil A shake will have to wait for another day lol.

    Oh and I didn't start liking Sephora that much until this year. I am not big with makeup or anything (you've probably never even seen me with any on, I wear it very rarely) but when I do wear it, I use Smashbox which I can only find at Sephora...guess who's now a member of the Beauty Insiders? haha. You better have signed up for that club! They give you bodywash for your bday that smells like cupcakes.

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