Monday, January 19, 2009

Practical dreams are so boring.

Okay, I always have dreams about things that make absolutely no sense, like this one where I repeatedly rang the doorbell of this guy from my middle school's house and threw pies in his face, then his mother came out started talking to me in exact lines from Twilight. Things like that that have very little to do with anything.

I mean, if I thought about it, I could figure out, "Well, I was reading Twilight the other day, and my friends were talking about that guy last week..." But what's with the pie? It's so random. In one, I was in a "wild west" videogame and my job was to shoot criminals.

Recently, almost every dream I have is straight to the point and makes sense. Last night, I dreamed I missed a newspaper deadline and forgot to read the "Letter to Birmingham Jail" for Government (something I have to do today). wake up freaking out that I forgot to do things.

Does that mean I'm losing imagination or just have more to worry about? My world is getting so boring that not even my subconscious can come up with an interesting way to sort it out.

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