Friday, January 16, 2009



I am so happy it's Friday. I was up late last night doing government homework, and I ended up falling asleep during Chinese class (we were watching a movie) and the WWII assembly this afternoon. I felt bad, but the 'tired headache' went away.

Now, what to talk about. Ah, newspaper story.

Our new news editor and the girl in charge of photography got in this fight because news girl wanted her to design three pages, and photo girl was like, "Why can't you take an extra page? I already have two." So the news girl sends me over. "Juliana, print out the budget (who's writing what on what page thing) and give it to J, okay?" So I go over there and hand it to her.

J: Why are you giving me this?
Me: I don't know, C told me to give it to you.
J: There are no page numbers.
I walk back across the room.
Me: C, she says there are no page numbers, so she won't take it.
C: Tell her the page numbers are right here in this column.
I walk back over.
Me: She says the page numbers are right here.
J: This is so unorganized. And what's this? Who's writing these articles? Tell her it's too confusing and she should type it neater. Actually, why don't you tell her to come over here herself and talk to me?

Then the Sports editor chimes in with, "Yeah, this should be an editors-only zone." -_-

After I told C that J won't take it from me and wanted to talk to her, she went over there and was like, "Is there a reason you wouldn't just take the paper from Juliana?" I sat back down at my computer laughing.

My sister has to take dance class at school, and their dances are always really funny-looking. They can't make the kids do anything too difficult, so you can imagine what a group of apathetic 6th graders look like doing some simple dance moves to contemporary music. Anny came home saying, "We have to do the stupidest dance in dance class, want to see it?" She showed it to me, and I was like, "Ooh, teach me!" So now I know the dance. XD

I went to get her from band practice after school, and my mom and I went to Starbucks before. I am the queen of spilling drinks, not because I knock them over, but because I miss my mouth. I got coffee all over my shirt. Anny got in the car, grabbed it, and started drinking the rest, but then her friend made her laugh and it came out her nose. I was like, "All right, Ann, no more for you."

Actually, it was my school newspaper shirt I spilled it on, and went I went in to get Anny, she showed all her friends.

"This is my sister's newspaper shirt, she gets to wear it to school, and on the back, it says 'We've got issues.' (I showed them) Julie thinks it's so appropriate since their newspaper staff has some crazy people."

Then she starts telling them about Ms. Editor Almighty and how she left. I felt loved. She not only listens to me, but she made a point to show my shirt to her friends and tell them about it. She unzipped my jacket to show them and everything. I love her friends, they say I'm like their older sister, and I feel so special that they seem to know all these things about me that I never told them. That means Anny thinks enough of me to tell her friends the little insignificant things that I didn't know she payed attention to. One of those moments when I realize I mean something to her.

To conclude this ridiculously long post, here's the original music video to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." This video is really strange. Surreal. I think it's cool but still haven't figured out what it means. All metaphor, obviously. The dancing guys are kind of random, but I guess they stand for something.



  1. Aww you're sister loves you. I had to pick up my brother from school today and he made fun of me for running to my car in the rain..yeah, real nice.

    Oh and Gabby came UP WITH THE SHIRT slogan, so I think it's pretty appropriate.

    So now you're Claire and Jenna's go between? Were you wearing a sign that said, "personal assistant"? If so, were was that when I was there? lol.
    See that's the kind of drama that I don't miss, but I LOVE reading about it! I miss the class a teeny tiny little bit, but not that much and it's because of those reasons!

  2. I'm sure your brother loves you, too.

    Gabby came up with that slogan?! Hahaha even better!

    Yeah, you could have had a personal assistant. XD