Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it, so Happy New Year! This year went so fast it's scary. In two and a half more, I'll be in college. I'm doing everything I can not to think about it.

I have a few random things to talk about that have nothing in common excapt they all occurred in the past two days.

First, Ramune. It's this awesome Japanese soda that M got for me~ at the mall today. I have to get my camera back from Anny and take a picture of my bottle.

Being sick really sucks during break. The only thing good about being sick is missing school, and even that is only fun on the day off. When you come back from being sick and have to make up work, it's hellish. Anyway, I'm so tired, my head hurts and I feel like that commercial with the woman walking down the street with the head of a teddy bear and it says "feeling stuffed?"

I watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days last night. It was funny, about a girl who has to write a "how to" article for a magazine about what not to do in a relationship. She has go out with a guy, do everything wrong, and get him to break up with her in 10 days. The guy she finds is involved in a game of his own: he has to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days. One of those pointless, cutesy movies that you know exactly how they're going to end from the minute they start, but that's what makes them fun. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. It gets my seal of approval.

I was watching some show called "Lipstick Jungle" a little while ago, and I didn't watch enough of it to form any opinions on it, but the name made me go "That's brilliant." All I know is that is has to do with magazines and fashion designers or something and Brooke Sheilds is in it. Strikes me as a mix of "Ugly Betty" and "Sex and the City." I heard it's cancelled, and I also heard it was originally a book. Whatever, the name still rocks. "Lipstick Jungle"...hehe, that's such a good name for a TV show. And a book.

Bye for now. I'm going to watch "Friends" DVDs and work up the energy to get out of bed to brush my teeth. I hate being sick.

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