Thursday, January 15, 2009

No more whiney and dramatic. I'm handling it. ^_^

I asked my newspaper teacher if I could work on my page at lunch today, but she had to go somewhere, so I couldn't. She told me I should have enough time on Tuesday, she really just wants an idea of what I'm doing, and she'll give me Wednesday after school, too. After that, I just decided to skip Chinese New Year practice. I'll go tomorrow for sure. We're just singing a song anyway.

Thought I'd update my status after yesterday's rant, rationalize the drama a little. Tomorrow's Friday! Yay! I will write something happy tomorrow. Last newspaper class, the unofficial new news editor was using me as her page girl and I have a story about that I want to tell. That, and here's a new girl in my class, so the crazy dictator Features and Entertainment editors are being so super sweet to her that I couldn't help but laugh. A completely new side of their personality, and you know it's all political. Both managed, in two separate conversations, to tell the new girl that they think the paper would be better if they were editor-in-chief. Ah, sometimes I love these people for giving me conversation topics.


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  1. WHO TOOK MY JOB!?!??!

    Oh and see I TOLD you she just wanted a general I get to sing the "I told you so" song now? LOL.

    What poor soul joined newspaper LOL? Tell her to RUN!